Sound of Tears

We first profiled this Canadian short film during the summer of 2012, and now there is a new fundraising campaign to help see the film through post-production.

The film is Sound of Tears by Cameroonian-born Canadian actress and independent filmmaker Dorothy A. Atabong. It tackles the sensitive and painful subject of honor killings.

In the film, a young woman, Amina (played by Atabong) is in a family where “strict customs and traditions have been embedded in her since birth. As a result she must heed the admonition and relinquish a forbidden love. It is a matter of family honor."

As Ms. Atabong says, she's making the film because she has a “passion to show the world the frighteningly heinous practice of honour based crimes, and adds that “members of society inflamed by righteous passion will go so far as to murder their wives, sisters and daughters in the name of ‘honour’. Those wives, sisters and daughters, threatened or killed, may have felt the passion of love to invoke their terrible fate…

Anyone who is interested in seeing Ms. Atabong’s vision come to reality, can contribute to the project's campaign via its IndieGoGo page HERE.

Go HERE to check out the film’s website.

Here’s the teaser trailer for the film: