And finally, via Ketchup EntertainmentSavannah, the drama starring Jim Caviezel and Chiwetel Ejiofor, is now out on DVD and VOD, after a very brief theatrical run last month.

So before you see Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 Years A Slave next month, you can catch him in Savannah, in which he also plays a slave - a free slave.

Savannah is also a work of historical fiction, based on real events, set during post-Civil War days, in which Caviezel stars as the real-life, “well-educated, eccentric, larger-than-life hunter” named Ward Allen, who develops a unique friendship with a freed slave named Christmas Moultrie, played by Ejiofor. 

The film is loosely based on a book by John Eugene Cay, Jr., titled, Ducks, Dogs and Friends, which tells the story of Christmas Moultrie (the last slave born on the historical Mulberry Grove Plantation, where the Cotton Gin was invented), who hunted on the Savannah River, together with Ward Allen, and his Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. 

Annette Haywood-Carter directed from a screenplay she co-wrote with Kenneth F. Carter Jr.

Jaimie Alexander, Hal Holbrook, Sam Shepard, Bradley Whitford and Jack McBrayer round out the cast.

Here's the trailer: