Arsonist slave

Intriguing docu-drama I profiled several months ago, with an unfamiliar narrative, and one I'd very much like to see, and will now have an opportunity to since it was released on DVD and digitally via iTunes yesterday!

Here's the story to recap:

Black Hands - Trial of the Arsonist Slave investigates... the story of Marie-Josèphe Angélique, a Black slave accused of burning down Montreal in 1734. After an epic trial, this untameable slave is tortured and sentenced to death. But was she really guilty of this crime or was she the victim of a bigger conspiracy? Why this voluntary amnesia about this unknown page of Canadian history? A fascinating documentary that powerfully mixes interviews with historians and theatre re-enactments, filmed in the same style as Dogville by Lars Von Trier.

There's a feature-length narrative film to be made of this particular story; but don't hold your breath though.

Produced by Bel Ange Moon Productions which was founded by sisters (and black Canadians) Tetchena Bellange and Bianca Bellange, the docudrama has played at several international film festivals since last summer.

You can purchase it on DVD right now for $14.99; or download via iTunes for $5.99 (to buy) or $2.99 to rent. So not too bad for a slice of *forgotten* black history. I'm actually downloading on iTunes right this very minute!

Watch the trailer below: