The Kill Hole Image

A film we've been following for quite some time now (see Vanessa's review HERE; as well as her interview with director Mischa Webley HERE), will see a theatrical release before heading to home video platforms.

Mark your calendars - March 15th for the theatrical, courtesy of RBC Film Group and Alternate Ending Studios, perfectly timed to take advantage of lead Chadwick Boseman's star-turn as Jackie Robinson in the upcoming 42.

"The Kill Hole follows Chadwick Boseman as Lt. Samuel Drake, a troubled vet who is plagued by his actions while he was deployed in Iraq. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Pacific Northwest wilderness, the film tells the haunting story of one man forced to confront his violent past, and the uneasy bond he forms with the mysterious assassin he must confront in his quest for redemption."

Discussions abound about films with black protagonists that are a bit off the beaten path, especially where "black cinema" is concerned; here's one that isn't like much of what's currently on the market.

A brand new release trailer has surfaced, and it's embedded below, courtesy of USAToday: