Promises, promises... let's hope they deliver...

Series executive producer Gale Ann Hurd said: "Michonne kicks ass with a katanna sword. The intensity level is incredible..."

Producer Robert Kirkman said T-Dogg (IronE Singleton) will be unleashed this upcoming new seaon, after being mostly silent in previous seasons.

And Lennie James revealed that he may be coming back.

Ernest Dickerson directed the premiere episode, which should feature plenty of Danai Gurira as sword-wielding Michonne in season 3 of AMC's hit zombie drama series The Walking Dead.

Season 3 will air in two 8-episode parts - the first starting on October 14, 9pm; the second will begin in February 2013

New character posters have been released; 3 follow below - 2 with Michonne and 1 with T-Dogg.