Having A Really Bad Day

Bravo for Alison McDonald!

We loved and featured both web shorts she created, produced and starred in - She Got Problems and Alison Is Having A Really Bad Day - and even hoped that she'd get the opportunity to further explore and expand on her ideas, via some grander stage/platform like TV, or the big screen.

That was in the spring; Skip ahead several months, to news today that the veteran TV writer and story editor (and the sister of actress/singer Audra McDonald who made a hilarious cameo appearance in She Got Problems), has set up musical-comedy pilot for She Got Problems at ABC - home to Shonda Rhimes' family of dramas, including one that features a black woman lead in Scandal

Recall that, as we reported, Alison hoped that these web shorts (which are essentially autobigraphical, centering on a black woman writer who escapes her real-life career and relationship problems via these fantasy musical interludes) would work as pitches for what would eventually become full-fledged web, TV and/or feature films. 

ABC apparently agrees, and is giving her the opportunity to see that goal realized.

If you haven't seen either of the web shorts, both are embedded below; so take a look for a glimpse at what may be to come.

As I recall, your responses to both were on the fun, enthusiastic side; you dug the screwball, eccentric, quirky nature of each - something black characters are rarely *allowed* to be on screen.

Let's see where all this goes for Ms McDonald.