Obi Emelonye pic

Worth-watching CNN profile of Nollywood director Obi Emelonye, whose follow-up to his 2011 fantasy/adventure hit The Mirror Boy, titled Last Flight To Abuja (the pricey disaster/thriller, said to be the first of its kind in Nollywood, inspired by true events), is currently in theatrical circulation in Europe and Africa primarily.

Obi Emelonye has been one of a number of key Nollywood directors pushing for the kind of higher quality and production values that will afford Nollywood product the same kind of worldwide respect as Hollywood films.

Of most interest to Stateside audiences will likely be his mention about a month or so ago, that he's going after Halle Berry to star in his next project, Safari, which we still don't know anything about.

In the 3-part CNN profile of Emelonye, we get to know his background, his first entry into the world of filmmaking, his experiences as a filmmaker existing in "2 worlds" (the UK and Nigeria), he talks about his latest film Last Flight to Abuja, of course, his motivations, goals, whether he'll work in Hollywood, and more.

Get to know him a bit more, because he's a Nigerian filmmaker we will probably continue to talk about in years to come.