Be Known

Among modern jazz enthusiasts, Kahil El’Zabar is known as jazz music’s “best kept secret.” Unique and totally someone who moves to the beat of different drummer, El’Zabar is world renowned as a true innovator, a teacher and one of the truly original voices and presences in jazz music and has been for decades.

However he’s also human. In fact, rather too human, and who leads… how say we say... a rather complicated and messy life off the stage. Now filmmaker and screenwriter Dwayne Johnson-Cochran, who is a long time boyhood friend of El’Zabar, has made a remarkable, penetrating “warts and all” documentary of the jazz great called Be Known.

Not only is the film a riveting portrait chronicling the day-by-day, gig–to-gig struggle and harried life of a working musician, it's also a portrait of the sometimes comic and sometimes downright insulting indignities that comes with the job.

But the film also reveals the perspective of a very complicated person - a teacher and a rascal, a brilliant charismatic musician who is deeply flawed and yet strangely fascinating at the same time.

Now the film will have a special premiere before it hits the film festival circuit, at the Gene Siskel Film Center in downtown Chicago next month, on Friday, January 24, Saturday January 25th and Monday, January 27th.

And even more special, both filmmaker Johnson-Cochran and Kahil El'Zabar himself will be present for all the screenings.

Take a peep at the trailer: