Now you too can be in a Tyler Perry movie! A casting call will be held this weekend in Cleveland, OH for I, Alex Cross; these are paid gigs too, by the way.

So what are they looking for? Here's the rundown:

In addition to ‘everyday people,’ extras are needed who can be police officers, real police officers and real SWAT team members, ‘hot’ girls, restaurant goers, crime techs, detectives, funeral goers and body guards. Specific parts include stand-ins and photo doubles for all major actors, including 6-foot-6 Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Ed Burns and Jean Reno.

I'm curious as to what scenes the "'hot' girls" are for? :)

Anyway, if you're in the Cleveland area, and are interested in audition for any of the above, tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd, head over to Hyatt Place in Independence (6025 Jefferson Drive), between the hours of 10AM and 5 PM, and show'em what you got!