HBO and Oprah Winfrey are teaming up to produce an original drama series that will center on "a wealthy academic who has become the first black president of a prestigious liberal arts college. He and his family are thrust into national headlines, forcing them to present an idyllic public façade, all while engaging in agonizing personal battles and struggling with dark obsessions," says THR.

The series will be penned by playwright Thomas Bradshaw, who will also co-executive produce with Winfrey and Harpo Studios' Kate Forte.

This is part of a long-term deal Harpo has with HBO to develop miniseries, films, documentaries and scripted series for the network.

Recall that they previously announced an MLK project, with Steven Spielberg/DreamWorks, that had the backing of King’s estate, although nothing has moved on that since it was revealed. At least nothing that's been made public.

No ETA on when we can expect the yet-to-be-titled series about a wealthy black academic, which I'm already intrigued by, without having seen a single page of the script. 

Stay tuned...