Oprah Lohan

I told you so weeks ago, but did anyone listen to me? Of course not.

It was just reported that Oprah Winfrey’s much-hyped and written-about interview with the official poster child for disaster Lindsay Lohan, was not the rating smash that was hoped for on OWN.

The Oprah’s Next Chapter episode pulled in an average audience of 892,000. Though that's a major increase in the show’s average numbers of around 478,000, it doesn’t even come close other previous high profile interviews on the program.

Her interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstring pulled in 3.1 million viewers, while her interview with Rihanna attracted 2.4 million viewers.

But Oprah’s March 2012 interview with Whitney Houston’s family shortly after her death, tops them all, pulling in a record 3.5 million, still the biggest audience OWN has gotten to date.

What’s more, the lackluster result for the Lohan interview, which I predicted weeks ago, also must sting, since this is, in effect, the first part of an extended $2 million deal OWN has with Lohan for the interview, and an 8-part reality TV show on the way, which I first wrote about HERE.

If the interview did only so-so, then who’s going to watch the reality series?