Passenger 57

I predict that Wesley Snipes is going to make a major comeback. Why not? He’s a good actor (even great in the right part), has tremendous presence on the screen and he’s been gone for so long that there’s a real hunger to see him back again.

And back in major film roles and not in that straight-to-DVD hell that he was stuck in until he had to leave for a while for reasons we all know about.

So it’s good news, to me at least, that his 1992 film, Passenger 57, directed by Kevin Hooks, is coming out on blu-ray DVD for the first time this summer.

True, it’s a nothing more than a fast paced, wildly entertaining and totally improbable B-movie Die Hard rip-off,  which runs only a trim 85 minutes (the perfect length for a B movie). But when Wesley is on the screen, Wesley is on the screen, if you know what I mean. 

And it’ll be fantastic to see it all remastered and looking really great on blu-ray which Warner Home Video will do when they'll release it on August 6th.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that, on that same day, WHV will also release, on blu-ray DVD,  the ridiculous and cartoonish Action Jackson with Carl Weathers. But the less said about that one the better.

How bad is it?  I would rather watch John Singleton’s Shaft (HERE) again, than Action Jackson. It’s that bad.