Van Jones

Van Jones, who was once an advisor to the Obama administration and currently president of Rebuilding the Dream (a progressive political action organization), and a regular political pundit on cable news channels, will be joining CNN as part of it new revamped Crossfire program.

The original Crossfire program, which first began on CNN in 1992 was notorious for setting the current template where pundits from the right and left basically scream at each other. After sinking ratings and reputation, the show was cancelled in 2005.

However, the new head of CNN, Jeff Zucker, now believes it’s the right time to bring back the show, with Jones, along with another former White House advisor, Stephanie Cutter, and conservative commentator S.E. Cupp - who is currently on MSNBC’s The Cycle with Toure, though one assumes that she will be leaving that show sometime soon.

This new incarnation of Crossfire will be hosted by none other than Newt Gingrich, which means the show could be a train wreck waiting to happen. One hopes that Jones is well aware of what he’s getting himself into.

The network said the show will premiere this fall, but no start date has been announced yet.