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Preview Indie Boxing Drama "Mikel's Faith" - Screening In NYC Next Week

by Tambay A. Obenson
September 2, 2011 5:24 AM
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Ya know, I'm only now becoming familiar with the upcoming Hell's Kitchen Film Festival here in NYC, even though I've lived here for 8 years now.

I already plan on attending a screening of one film scheduled to screen there tomorrow evening which I profiled yesterday (Lord Byron, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival this year); and, maybe partly due to that post yesterday, I've been receiving emails from other filmmakers with films screening at the festival, alerting me to their own films as well; which is good! Saves me the trouble of having to go through the entire lineup looking for films I probably should check out :)

Like this one... titled Mikel's Faith, written & directed by Alexander Etseyatse.

Its synopsis reads:

Mikel Hill an incarcerated former Golden Glove Champ is suddenly released from prison. He then tries to restore his former life and confronts his past friends, enemies and makes a revelation within 24 hours of his release.

The film stars the writer/director himself, Alexander Etseyatse, as the titular Mikel.

Not really sure what to expect here. The trailer below could be much stronger, tighter; shorter, less music, more dialogue. Although Alexander states that this is just a teaser, with the official trailer coming soon!

But there's enough in it to peak my curiosity, so I'll check it out for myself when it screens on Labor Day - Monday Sept. 5th at 3 PM.

By the way, if you're in NYC and interested in the Hell's Kitchen Film Festival, click HERE for their full lineup.

Watch the trailer below:

Mikel's Faith - Teaser from AN AE FILM on Vimeo.

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  • John Watts | September 4, 2011 6:44 AMReply

    The teaser seems a bit too long, it should have been shorter. But other than that, the director/lead has screen presence. When you mention the director is playing the lead, I was ready to dismiss this film completely. But after watching the teaser it's seem stylized. Which is a positive for any film, hopefully the Trailer tells me more about the story.

  • CareyCarey | September 4, 2011 3:20 AMReply

    Sometimes I wonder why dudes releases something like this? I mean it was absolutely nothing. On top of that, the short little peaks at his boxing skills would lead one to believe the brother should have used a double. The boy can't box.

    Seriously, who was he trying to attract with this?

  • darkan | September 2, 2011 11:05 AMReply

    @ Quentin. My thoughts exactly...,

  • Dana | September 2, 2011 8:33 AMReply

    The teaser actually looks very good, I like how the images do the talking. It makes me curious what the film is about.

  • Quentin | September 2, 2011 7:19 AMReply

    I hope the trailer makes more sense.

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