Produire au Sud

Produire au Sud is calling for fiction feature film projects from Africa, Latin America, and Asia to take part in its film co-production workshop at the 36th Festival des 3 continents this November.

The workshop aims to familiarize young producers based in Africa, Latin America, and Asia with important tools and international co-production techniques by coaching individual projects in development.

Six film projects will be selected to take part in the workshop to take place in Nantes, France, from November 24 to 30.

Selection criteria:

  • The producer and the director must be native from Africa, Asia or Latin America. (Two different countries accepted)
  • The project must be represented by a producer and a director.
  • Projects have to be fiction feature films under development. (Documentaries and television films are not accepted).
  • Projects have to be 60 minutes minimum.
  • The producer must already have experience in the production of short or feature films.
  • Each production company can only apply with one project per workshop.
  • Application files (in French, "dossiers") must be completed in English or in French.
  • The full script is requested in case of selection.
  • Applicants must speak English, as all classes and meetings are in English.
  • A director cannot apply as the producer of his/her own film project.

Transportation and accommodation expenses are covered by Produire au Sud. 

The selection will be announced on our website on September 15.

To apply, click here to register and here to apply