"Red Tails" Director Anthony Hemingway Talks The Film, George Lucas, Rumors, More...

by Tambay A. Obenson
August 3, 2011 8:38 AM
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Here's hoping Anthony Hemingway will agree to chat with Shadow And Act about the project, and more.

He did speak to the Los Angeles Times in an interview that was posted this afternoon, in which he revealed some noteworthy details about Red Tails, George Lucas' process, and more; most significantly, an explanation of the delays in getting the film to theaters; recall about a year ago, it was rumored that Lucas was unhappy with Hemingway's work on the film, and had essentially taken over the directing the project, and even rewriting scenes.

Not true says Hemingway, something which Lucas' people declared soon after the above rumor began circulating.

So what else did Mr hemingway tell the Los Angeles Times? Some highlights:

- That much of the delay in getting the film completed was because of Lucas' cast/director selection process. As Hemingway said, Lucas' "inability to find the right pool of talent; both young African American actors and an African American director to helm the movie." Glad to know that Lucas seemed to specifically want an African American director for the movie. Though he doesn't say who else was in the running for the director's job (and the cast as well).

- That principal photography lasted 50 days, back in 2009. Not bad; not even 2 months.

- That he planned to shoot some additional scenes after principal photography, but a scheduling conflict meant he couldn't, and had to turn things over to Lucas. Hemingway had already signed on to direct and produce the first season of HBO's Treme - an obligation that lasted until May 2010. "We all knew there was going to be additional photography. It wasn't a surprise. But it really hurt when it all happened. I would never have walked away from the film," said Hemingway. And so those additional scenes were handled by Lucas and his producer Rick McCallum - scenes that he described as "little character moments and effects-driven scenes that were needed to "make things clear; to strengthen individual characters."

- That the film's budget is/was just $30 million - a modest amount considering the type of action/special effects-driven film Lucas seemed to prefer.

- That it took about a year to fine-tuning the film's special effects, comprised of 1500 effects shots. Is that a lot? Well, by comparison, the entire Lord of The Rings trilogy of films had a combined total of 2730 effects shots.

"This is almost like a two-year pregnancy. I'm so ready for this to be taken out of me," said Hemingway. I think many of us are glad that it finally is out of him and will be in theaters in January, when we'll find out just how good the film is.

Read the full Los Angeles Times piece HERE.

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  • AccidentalVisitor | August 3, 2011 10:04 AMReply

    {{{ That principal photography lasted 50 days, back in 2009. Not bad; not even 2 months. }}}

    Yeah, this is what stood out to me during filming. It was over so quick (the principal photography that is).

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