A reminder, since it premieres TONIGHT!!

This should hopefully appease those DISH customers who have been without AMC since July, as the cold war between the two companies continues: You can STILL watch the much-anticipated season 3 premiere of the highest-rated scripted drama series on cable TV for its target audiences, as well as among DISH subscribers - The Walking Dead.

AMC is offering all DISH subscribers a special live stream of the hit show's season three premiere episode tonight, Sunday, October 14, at 9PM ET/6PM PT at AMCTV.com. This streaming event will run concurrently with the television debut, so DISH subscribers who are fans of the series can watch the premiere at the same time it's available to all other cable and satellite subscribers.

But you have to register first, so the sooner you do that, the better; you can register for access to the free live stream at http://www.amctv.com/thewalkingdead4dish/.

You don't want to miss Danai Gurira's debut as Michonne, in an episode directed by Ernest Dickerson, which producers of the show promise will be a similar kind of rise as last seasons finale.