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Samuel L. Jackson: '12 Years A Slave' Proof That Hollywood Still Isn't Ready To Deal w/ Racism

by Sergio
February 3, 2014 6:24 PM
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Thank God for Samuel L. Jackson. He’s one of the few big movie actors today who is always quotable. He always has something interesting to say - whether you agree with him or not. This time it’s about racism and Hollywood.

In an interview in the International Business Times over the weekend, Jackson said that Hollywood, by and large, still avoids dealing with racism and that 12 Years A Slave is a perfect example of that.

According to Jackson, the only reason why the film got made was because director Steve McQueen is British and not African-American, implying, I assume, that his take on slavery would be “safer” in a manner of speaking.

As Jackson said: "I would think that if an African-American director went into a studio and pitched that particular film, they would be like: 'No, no, no.' It is a film about African-Americans – a dark period of history that they don't like to explore in that particular way."

He further added that: "Look, I'm glad 12 Years got made and it's wonderful that people are seeing it and there is another view of what happened in America. But I'm not real sure why Steve McQueen wanted to tackle that particular sort of thing."

I should, at this point, add that personally I’ve always thought and have said that the fact that McQueen was not African-American made him more likely to make a film about slavery, since I hold that African-Americans are still too psychologically shell-shocked, and therefore African American directors too, in dealing with the subject. But then that’s me (Charles Burnett's Nightjohn and Gordon Parks' Solomon Northup's Odyessy, the original 12 Years A Slave, being a few exceptions).

Jackson went on to say that a film such as Fruitvale Station is more honest and “braver” than 12 Years was, in dealing with the subject of race in America:

"It explains things like the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the problems with stop and search, and is just more poignant. America is much more willing to acknowledge what happened in the past: 'We freed the slaves! It's all good!' But to say: 'We are still unnecessarily killing black men' – let's have a conversation about that."

So what do you say. Do you agree with Jackson, or is he talking nonsense?

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  • amy | July 23, 2014 8:30 PMReply

    He seems to HATE white people. Let's do a movie on the whole, dirty truth about slavery. NOT just African slaves, but ALL of it. Who sold who? Who owned slaves? Who started the slave trade? Who died to save slaves? Do American black people care about the slaves stolen from places like Ethiopia and sold in the Middle East, today, right this minute? Is he SO messed up because of what happened over 100 years ago? Really? Tell your suffering to all the little girls and boys that will be raped today because they have been sold into sex slavery. I am SO sick of his whining, SHUT UP! Go visit Ethiopia and other African countries. Take up a CAUSE that helps people right this minute.

  • The truth | July 24, 2014 5:01 AM

    Deflection deflection deflection deflection ..... Oh the inevitability hahahahaha

  • Mary | July 19, 2014 5:35 AMReply

    If my great grandma lived long enough to tell me what happened with her,her siblings and her mother during those times Obviously it has not been long enough for things to be forgiven and forgotten,specially if there are people that think like the hateful people in these comments.
    i am 18 if anyones wondering my age >_>

    ...A lot of you guys make me hate the human race all together-i'd rather have been born rat then human. People are horrible to live with or be around. I am not finding the silver lining-everything has been over weighed with more negative aspects and failures to be proud of human kinds achievements...

  • Bob Morrison | July 19, 2014 1:24 AMReply

    Who's killing black men in America? Other blacks! The only conversation that needs to be held is in the black community. Blacks run Detroit and, largely, Chicago -- 2 cities also which just happen to be run by Democrats! Clean up your own houses, stop the killing and stop the rampant corruption & Socialism. Then let's see all the supposed racism that remains in the rest of America turns out to be fabricated nonsense. Obama was elected president twice! Gimme a break!

  • The truth | July 23, 2014 5:34 AM

    Hahahahaha you should have your own talkshow..your really funny

  • jamie | July 17, 2014 2:30 AMReply

    @sinbad. Stfu now. Please and thank you :)

  • Sinbad | July 17, 2014 10:00 AM

    I hurt your feelings? Poor lil fella.

  • Sinbad | July 15, 2014 8:10 PMReply

    I'd like to see Hollywood put out a movie about a black slavemaster in America. After all, a black slave had a 5% chance of being owned by a black. Sold by blacks in Africa (to the Portuguese, most likely) and put to work in black man's field in the deep south. What, no good for the narrative?

    Ok, how about this, then: a movie about a family of Whites who are captured and enslaved by black Barbary Pirates. For 300 years, the Barbary Pirates of Africa abducted more than a million white European men, women and children (they didn't purchase them, they stole them) and sold them into slavery in North Africa. How do you think the indoctrinated American idiot consumer would handle that one? What, still no good?

    Ok then, how about movie about a modern day black family enslaved in Africa, by other blacks. Still a very common thing, right? But seemingly unnoticed by those who are more interested in exploiting blacks by continuing to villainize whites. I guess I just answered my own question - no, it'll never work.

    Blacks aren't the only race to suffer from slavery, we all have. Blacks are just the only race that can't recover from it, despite receiving more help from their former captors than any race ever.

  • The truth | July 21, 2014 2:06 PM

    Hahahahaha your rhetoric is hilarious ..gave me a really good chuckle

  • Sinbad | July 17, 2014 9:04 AM

    You're absolutely right, it's throwing good money after bad. Since this country's "war on poverty" began, the only thing that's increased for the poor are their numbers. Every study shows that investing in the poor simply creates more poor. Nowadays, we literally pay them to breed - and this has become their industry. They have children to collect gov't checks. It's just a matter of time before the system collapses. If you want to help the poor you can't just enable them, you have to let them help themselves.

    As for Sam Jackson, he's echoing the ignorance of most Americans who've been indoctrinated to believe the crap they see in movie theaters - evil white folks beating the poor black slaves they stole from Africa. Since when do businessmen destroy their own property? I don't know about you but when my lawn mower doesn't run properly I don't beat the crap out of it, I take care of it and maintain it. All scholarly accounts indicate that blacks were absolutely not the mistreated bunch they've been depicted as in Hollywood.

    Every race has suffered from slavery, but most are able to assimilate to American culture without aid, and certainly without trillions of tax dollars. Asians, for example, were a part of slave labor for a long time in this country. Moreover, America has had at least 3 major military conflicts with Asians in the last 70 years - one in which American Japs were actually rounded up and put into American concentration camps while 2 of their homeland's major cities suffered nuclear annihilation. That's an amazing amount of cultural hardship suffered by these people throughout American history. Now I ask you: how are Asian-Americans doing today? "Very well," you say? Hmm, I wonder why.

  • Smokehill | July 17, 2014 12:53 AM

    It's pretty funny, actually, listening to some buffoon like Samuel Jackson whine about all those Blacks he claim are killed by Whites.

    Since he apparently didn't take 5th-grade Math, he can't figure out the obvious -- that the overwhelming majority of Blacks are killed by OTHER Blacks. Needless to say, the vast majority of interracial killings are Black-on-White killings.

    My sympathy may rise once the "Black Community" at least begins to clean up their own mess. So far, sixty years of job & school preferences, government subsidies and preferential government contracts for minority companies has resulted in an ever-deepening morass of self-loathing and false feelings of entitlement among those too lazy to clean up their own social and cultural disaster.

  • Sinbad | July 16, 2014 7:09 PM

    I see, blacks just wanna live. Just a gentle folk tryin' to get by. That must be why blacks are responsible for such a disproportionate amount of crime, right? Rape, murder, muggings, "polar bear hunting" knockout games, all these things are committed by blacks at an astronomical rate, but you're just trying to get by.

    And still you're NOT demonized in the media - you're glorified! Don't believe me? Explain how a latino kills a black kid named Trayvon Martin in self-defense and it gets reported as a white-on-black hate crime. Evil white guy murders poor 12 year old black kid. Who was demonized that day? No, blacks are not demonized in the media, whites are. That's why you've never heard the story of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom; and that's why you didn't know about the black history of black AND white enslavement.

    The country's "racial divide" doesn't begin in men's hearts, it begins in the police blotter. Clean up your act like the rest of the minorities and you'll be seen in the same light as the rest of the minorities. Simple enough, right? You may have a job and a clean record but that can't excuse you from the misdeeds of your race any if my skin tone can't exonerates me from the perpetration of black slavery in America.

  • jay | July 16, 2014 6:41 PM

    Your right!!! you are the best killers the world has ever known and thats wonderful. .. you must be very proud of yourselves! And your right we blacks aren't very good conquers and mediocre killers at best. Its not really our thing. ... we picked up a few bad habits being on earth but our nature is not war which is why we not good or really interested in these things on a large scale. We have no desire to take over which is why there has not be any race war here. We are only fighting oppression here in the US. We just wanna live... we dont wanna oppress anyone, we dont want to invent new and innovative ways to kill or infringe on peoples rights or freedoms, nor economic or physically enslave anyone. we dont wanna enslave your race as revenge for past transgressions. We just wanna live, without being call 'boy', without be stop and frisked because we fit the description of some other person that committed a crime the week before. It doesnt happen to whites because we are demonized on tv shows, in the media or on the news as if we are the only people to commit crimes. We dont want your highly marketed negative labels. This propaganda lays the the groundwork for all the underhanded actions that you say doesn't happen. I work every day and most but not all the blacks I associate with do the same. Nobodys asking for free money or jobs we are not qualified for. We just want you to.. (which u refuse to,) Is acknowledge that these things do exist. It is not the reason for all the crime or all the poverty by any means-- just that it exists. You are the example that it exists you. Your bias makes you incapable of fairness which in turn makes it impossible to live in true harmony. The country's racial divide begins in the hearts of men you, you are not you your brothers keeper unless that brother is of the light complexion. You will play favorites in your personal and professional lives. "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" - Luke 6:45. You speak it so therefore you will act on it, it is the desire of your heart. You will do what your heart tells you. You exist and there are many more just like you!! All we can do is pray that your kind have a change of heart! Things will be better then.

  • Sinbad | July 16, 2014 10:41 AM

    You'd like to blame whites for a genocide of the poor, "good-natured" American Indian? You sound like a child, money maker. Every race conquers, every race commits genocide. Whites have no more proclivity for conquering than any other ethnicity, they're just better at it because they're more intelligent, innovative and industrious. Be thankful whites didn't kill post-slavery blacks, as the blacks killed post-slavery whites in North Africa - quite recently, in fact.

    If there is a genocidal race in American culture, it's the blacks. 85% of all interracial crime is black on white. Per individual, blacks are 5 times more likely to commit violent crime and 5 times more likely to collect gov't subsidies. Over 70% of your children are born to single "mothers." These are facts, readily available from FBI, DOJ and NYPD statistics. Dey ain't raciss.

    The laws of this society are meritocratic, they are not based on favoritism toward one race. Why is it that blacks fare so poorly in this culture when other minorities succeed? Asians, Middle-Easterners, Jews - they all perform well. The Irish were the first American slaves, why are their numbers so much higher than yours?

    Blacks have more trouble in large part because they are convinced that they are victims. It's not just the hormones or the inherently low IQ. You need help. And if you'd like an idea of how your kind would function in the absence of "people like me," have a look at the "nations" of Africa. What do their societies look like in the aftermath of their own white genocide? Rhodesia? South Africa? That's right, they needed the whites that they killed in mass and drove away. And that's what you want here? Lol be careful what you wish for, money-maker.

  • jay | July 16, 2014 10:15 AM

    First off. I make good money, home owner,not a professional athlete or drug dealer and im black. Myself and millions like me that contribute positively to society daily but that doesnt by any means change the overall state of this nation. Secondly. I know and partake in the company of many good white men and women but not nearly enough. And getting to the point and to you- Get over it how?? . By killing you Caucasians off. Like the way you did the native americans and write about it so proudly in the history book. How smooth and deceitful you all are. How you killed them by using their good nature against them... that would make us just like you!! Or no maybe we should enslave, rape, and murder your people until you be come the minority and tell you to get over it!! work for non liveable wages.. Make laws which hinder progress, restrict education, hell is only been few decades since the military had to force you racists to open schools. Then despite education you discriminate by hiring your dumbass nephew johnny, who can barely tie his shoes instead of a qualified minority because we 'need to take care of our own.' Aint that how yall say it? And you been doing a damn good job of it I must say. Put drugs and guns in our communities, making it seem like its the only way out since we can't geta decent job, even with education. (Our kids got yo eat too ya know) Bias the laws, by giving higher incarceration rates and sentences to blacks for the same crimes. Sinbad - you a joke! We would be doing just fine if people like you would get out our way. There are too many people like you still in this country. Too many racist greedy men who dont believe in equality but we need slaves still- with or without the chains. Discrimination continues as you yourself so clearly state. Its a shame that people like you still exist on this earth let alone this country. I dont expect you to change, you can't do it without God and he's not in you and so many other that are in positions of power. You can tell a tree by the fruit that it bears. But I will pray for you.. and the world alike.

  • Sinbad | July 16, 2014 8:50 AM

    I'm not a closet racist, I'm just as racist as you are and I'll happily admit it to your puzzled face. You don't like whites and we don't like you. It's innate - as old a tribal instinct as there is. But don't pretend what I said isn't true just because we don't like each other. Blacks were slaves to whites AND blacks, AND vice versa. Get over it.

    Stop blaming everybody else for your problems, pick yourselves up and start contributing to society. We can't do it for you.

  • black thought | July 16, 2014 6:02 AM

    Spoke like a true closet racist with a privilege superior complex, Instead of accepting the truth you twisted is to somehow make the whites the victims!

  • Tammy Noel Smith | July 15, 2014 4:52 PMReply

    All I can say is...Get involved with The Frederick Douglas Foundation!! See the documentary put out by this outstanding group of people,"Runaway Slave".Talk about truth! I am a white middle aged woman and this documentary spoke volumes about what's behind all the continual racism behind the liberals.Having children from Ethiopia,knowing the Ethiopian people first hand,they would be livid if I brought my children home to America and then proceeded to teach them they are victims!!! Every black American NEEDS to visit Africa!! Come back and tell us what you think then of your 'oppression'.....

  • Walter mictom | July 22, 2014 6:20 PM

    Twisted white freak whore like you should NOT be adopting African children. Unfortuntely some dumb ignorant Africans naively handed their offspring over to the devil.

    How on earth are you fit to raise non-white children?

  • jay | July 15, 2014 7:33 PM

    You can't be serious. So you be to tell me that just because some one has it worse, it dismisses what's happening here. Ridiculous! 2014 still in denial about the legitimate long and maybe infinitely lasting effects of slavery. Doesnt matter how many movie stars, singers, rich business owners or athletes come from the black community. We will never be truly looked at as equals, looked upon with respect as white. The numbers will NEVER be equal, EVER. hundreds of years of free labor can never be made up!! And black codes are still in effect with the drug laws, officer homicides of blacks go unquestioned and just the continued discrimination of blacks as a whole. Check the news or just ask any black person about their experience. Unless they were born rich.. its pretty much the same.

  • ANDRE | July 15, 2014 9:22 AMReply

    Movies like 12 Years are important because a well-scripted, well-shot, well-acted film can bring the reality of a situation and a period into sharp focus. For people of today for whom actual visceral experience of slavery is only found in history books, such a movie as this is hugely significant. As a white male living in today's world, I can only vaguely imagine what it must have been like for a slave. Seeing a movie like this makes it a lot more concrete and confronting. I will say only three movies have ever brought me to tears and this was the latest one. The significance of this unspeakable shame in history that played such a major role in the forging of a nation cant be allowed to diminish with time. Too many souls suffered for too long for their memory to fade. I dont like any of the cliche fear to appear politically correct and jump on the anti-racism bandwagon that we're seeing in the media all the time. Many are sincere in their condemnation of it, but many are just trying not to look ignorant. Thats why a film like this is special, because it can really touch you in those deep uncomfortable ways that bring you face to face with your humanity, and the shadow of inhumanity that haunts our collective unconscious. I respect SLJ's viewpoint. As a black man he has the right to such views and his point is no doubt valid, and doesnt diminish the timely importance of 12 Years.

  • Silk | July 11, 2014 7:11 AMReply

    Lissa Chase? If you're Jewish then you are NOT white!

  • MishaDash | July 16, 2014 12:59 PM

    Jewish is not a race. Jewish is no a place. Jewish is a religion or a way of life like Islam and Christianity. This set of european people who claimed JEWISH when they found out jewish people were special people according to the bible are not the Hebrews spoken of in the bible... DNA and history proves that. Revelations says that there will be a false group of people claiming to the chosen people. It's a disgrace.

  • Silk | July 11, 2014 7:04 AMReply

    Carliey? If you're Jewish then you are NOT white!

  • Laurence Almand | July 21, 2014 9:39 PM

    The Jews/Hebrews are part of the Caucasian/Semitic people, like the dark-skinned Caucasians of India. Also, after the Diaspora in AD 70 the Jews spread throughout Europe and mixed in with the other Caucasians. (The Jew Paul Newman had blue eyes, as did many others.) The term "White" usually refers to European Caucasians, but the majority of Caucasians are not pale-skinned. Jews are not a race, they are a religious group.

  • Sabir Bey | July 8, 2014 4:49 PMReply

    The point Jackson was trying to make was that there are two sides to slavery and until America's Colonists can deal with the other more cruel and accurate side to slavery then racism will continue to exist. And that more cruel and accurate side is the truthful kidnapping of our people in our own land here in America not Africa. We are not from Africa we are the original Copper color indigenous people found here when Christo Colombo arrived. The real "indians" that were not killed by European colonists by some stupid bio-warfare and rampant disease spread are us so called black, negro, colored and african-american people. Over here We are the Moors we aren't black. Most of us were simply stolen from home (in America) and taken to another part of the continent and labeled black for the sake of servitude. 90% of those enslaved were already here in America. That is the other small quick message Jackson wants people to pick up from home boy's "enslavement" Kidnapping.
    Btw No the people they show on television are not the real indigenous americans...they came like a couple thousand years ago. We are the Ibhri or Hebrew (those words do not mean black at all) or those who crossed the river (atlantic ocean now) in ancient times.

  • Carliey | July 8, 2014 3:30 PMReply

    Slavery in American and European was a holocaust against Africans. Face the facts. If we can watch Jesus Christ getting whipping and crucified for our sins. Maybe it's time everyone to see a more brutal slavery movie. I agree with the fact that Hollywood can't show the reality of what a bunch of people, yes they were white, did to slaves. But here's the big part. If all African Americans, or Blacks which ever you want to be considered, if you really want to move on and heal. Then you gotta forgive the sob of the 1800's. That will be hard. But don't blame those of us who want equality for everyone.
    I am white. I am proud to be white I also am Jewish. I am not a villain, I do not go around saying things like why do black people hate whites. It clearly understandable why white people are still look upon as the "bad guy". Rights to blacks were given about 50-60 years ago. So yeah there is a lot of animosity towards us. So the truth is we gotta give them time to heal. How would you feel if a race your part of had millions of deaths and suffered. I know my family has being Jewish and all. Not a lot of my family came out.

    So someone make a real slavery movie, and then let's try improving our world for the kids we have now.

  • Seriously | July 8, 2014 12:21 AMReply

    How about everyone in this heated debate give a minute of thought and consider a Anthony Johnson (Virginia colonist) dramatized biopic / screenplay should go, and turn it into a movie. Put whatever director and actors you want with your ideal choice in pedigree. It's all about the raw truth, right?

  • smiley | July 7, 2014 3:30 AMReply

    i tried to send the book but i dont want yous to get spammed

  • smiley | July 7, 2014 2:46 AMReply

    hollywood and those that run it plain do not like the truth of slavery period. They will have everyone believe that the white adamic british God s Actual Chosen Ones called Israel are british covenent men. and By truth. the British were the first ones to end slavery and america following suit . If you want the truth you will never get it from hollywood, In my opinion Hollywood is very unforgive, harsh, and cruel people, and I am not referring to the actors but those that have money that backs it. To me they seem oh so judgemental, and say such harsh things like Nicolas Cage being a joke. or just how washed up certain actors are. To me they seem like they are totally stuck on themselves and is the best thing since sliced bread. I mean look at the movies about God s Word like Noah, perfect in his generation and some nitwit has noah pegged as a murderer. these people are sick in their heads and need a good talking to. I know who they are, I know what they are . and I am not the only one that knows. Tell me , samuel , have you ever heard of a book entitled ," who really brought the slaves to America and else where, Google it , you are bound to find it some where its author is not known but its a shocking information might just open your eyes and ears to the Truth Of Almighty God.

  • smiley | July 7, 2014 2:57 AM

    shit typo i mean those in that run hollywood would have you to believe that the british covenant man was those responsible for slavery when it was not the british covenant man. But a certain "other" race of people. Those who claim to be Gods Chosen Ones , arent Gods Chosen ones at all but are a very different type of people , They lie about everything, but dont you dare say or let anyone else who they are by name. they will "fix ya" if you did, samuel , I know you are not ignorant, in the way of it meaning rude, but just about everyone is unknowing of this truth. Noone teaches it. but you shall understand once when time is right. well i really ought to check for typos before i enter, but i fail to do so, that its a bad habit of mine. if you find this book, read it with an open mind because there will be people to tell you its Anti semitic. and well first of all, to be semitic you would have to have been from the Middle East , and these class of people never were Semitic to begin with. You would have to be one of SHEM, thats one of Noahs sons, to be semitic. and these arent.

  • Jay | July 5, 2014 10:13 PMReply

    SJJ is an Ignorant man when it come to Racist Israel a European/ US Jewish Colony which is an insult to to the human conscience.

  • smiley | July 7, 2014 3:25 AM

    oh this is the clincher.. those people lie. they are NOT judah. Nope, they hide within the House of Judah, and Israel is British , America, Canada. You are confusing True Israelites with those Israelis. Not the same people. No not the same people at all. Christ Jesus taught it . Its part of the Generation of the Fig Tree! Haven't you read?

  • ken williams | July 5, 2014 3:04 PMReply

    To suggest that Mr. Jackson's observations and commentary is " nonsense " is totally insane or
    racist or both depending on who wrote that suggestion . It is my sincere hope that sucessful black film stars and movie producers would unite and start movie productions that would help
    to destroy all the consistant ,negative , and historical white racist images in Hollywood that has
    poisoned the mindsets of both white and black Ameicans about themselves . The protrayals
    of both Ancient Africans and African Americans historical contributions to the entire world needs to be shown to help usher in true equality and racial understanding . The status quo in Hollywood has
    been always against that concept .

  • smiley | July 7, 2014 3:16 AM

    i meant un aware. ugh. sorry typos.

  • smiley | July 7, 2014 3:14 AM

    Dear Ken~ its not the negative picture from blacks and whites at all. Besides, we arent white, white is what most people think is a race of people. But the Gods Truth is we are remembering an event, of the True Israelites when they came out of captivity to Assyria and crossed over the Caucasus Mountain, that is where we confused it with the race called Caucasians. The Black People are a part of the Ethos. I dont think most are aware that there were two seperate creation events, and some teach the lie of evolution to confuse matters more. So the average person is totally aware of these Truths . Truths of ALMIGHTY God,
    that modern day churches do not even teach. Those Fundamentalist and evanglist Christians, still teach that the K za rs and k it s ( spaces are in place for safety purposes.. they dont want people to know who they are for they would not be kind or nice at all_)Are Gods Chosen People and that simply is not true, Too much information to get in to right now. but the negative aspect of it is not from the blacks nor from the whites but it is a confusion taught by those that Run all the mainline media and control all the money in this world. its they that perpertrates those attitudes by setting the different races against each other. Its what they do. They spread discord among the brethren. And God Almighty is NOT the author of confusion. Everyone is Gods Child..

  • billy | July 1, 2014 4:46 PMReply

    I strongly agree with Samuel Jackson.

  • Frederick Delk | June 30, 2014 11:42 PMReply

    African American Homeland Association
    The key to Political, Economic and Government Power is control of State Institutions.
    I claim North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee the African American Homeland.. To Acquire these 8 Southern State Institutions, I suggest we make a modern day mass migration back to the 8 Southern States.
    36 million Black Americans flooding into the eight states would create disorder, causing 75% of the white population to flee those 8 States. We will have 80% majority of the population. Then we will vote in 8 Black Governors, 16 Black Senators, 66 Black Congressmen, 688 Counties are under Black control, 3,299 incorporated cities and town will mostly have Black Mayors, We will have control of the State Court and local court Systems, most of the judges are Black, the Prosecutors are Black. Duke Energy, Georgia Power, The Southern Company, Tennessee Valley Authority, Louisiana Power, Arkansas Power are all Black owned. Regional Fix line Company Black owned, regional Cell phone Company Black owned control 80% of the market, and so on. For More Information goto African American Homeland

  • Smokehill | July 17, 2014 1:15 AM

    It would be worth it to watch, just for the humor value alone, a pack of semiliterate clowns trying to run anything more complicated than a crack pipe.

    Before you fools try to take over any States where most of the people own guns, mabe you should go teach your favorite gangbangers how to hold a gun -- a skill that thus far seems to difficult for them to grasp.

    God Help those bumbling morons. It would be like turning a pack of monkeys loose to tune up your car.

  • cali626 | June 27, 2014 3:20 AMReply

    Except 12 years was about a couple of white savior nice guys. The rest of the time was just seeing black people grovel and "endure".
    The main character never had any agency. He was kidnapped, then had to wait for the nice white Brad Pitt to send his letter out, and then finally his couple nice white friends came and saved him. So , it was basically a movie for white people to say "See! NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE LIKE THAT! WE TRIED TO SAVE U TOO!"

    And that was why the movie was allowed to be made.

    I'm still waiting on a film about Harriet Tubman. She was a badazz. Now that's agency and holding central power in black slaves and their own liberation.

  • Seriously | July 8, 2014 12:14 AM

    If you read the history it was based on, you would see that is exactly what happened. A white carpenter from Canada sent a letter for him, then help was sent to release him. If you want to stretch that into something bigger than even the movie did, and make that event racist in itself, shows where your head is at.

  • T Nails | June 30, 2014 2:08 PM

    Agreed. Harriet Tubman or Nat Turner.

  • GP | June 20, 2014 1:12 PMReply

    I totally agree with Jackson. He makes a great point and it is true.

  • Ka | June 19, 2014 6:10 AMReply

    Slj has a point, where are similar films to boyz in hood and that 90s period that are being made now? Racisim of the past, now that's something hollywood exs can sign up to, hey it's even popluar. But is it groundbreaking? No. The help... Oh please.
    The idea of authorship of black american history isn't new, I don't why people are surprised slj has an issue with a white, non american, director telling the story of black history.
    Not to say i agree with slj but he has a point.

    Btw to make reference to the Jewish community is a joke. Hollywood is run by Jewish exs. It is in no way a similar experience to black americans in hollywood.

  • MaxDog | June 22, 2014 12:55 PM

    " I don't why people are surprised slj has an issue with a white, non american, director telling the story of black history."

    The director of 12 Years A Slave is a black man. Aside from that, does Samuel L Jackson somehow think that it is only American black men that have to deal with racism?

  • Del | June 18, 2014 10:30 AMReply

    African slavery didn't just happen to African Americans, Steve McQueen is of Caribbean decent so like Jackson he is descendants of slaves too but their owners where British rather than white American. Jackson words just display higher level of ignorance African Americans have about history and world that leads to British Black actors and Directors taking their jobs in Hollywood. The worst critics of 12 years a slave are African Americans, because they seem more embarrassed to admit they were slaves than the white descendants who treated them that way. You need to know where you are from to know where you are going. Jackson is right slavery had psychologically damaged African Americans, where they don't want to associate themselves with Africa or Slaves and live in denial about their history. Jewish people don't do this which is why the Jewish community has more togetherness and more influence.

  • NNY | July 15, 2014 1:02 AM

    It's not that "African Americans" are embarrassed about slavery. Knowing where they come from is not the problem. The damage is done when other's can not see. Better yet dont want to acknowledge that even though the brutal, unfair, unjustified treatment has been done. Society is still so far behind. Everyone can watch a film about slavery & comment on how good it was.... get over it already, etc. The piont that was to be made is this ..... Still today there's injustice through out the "African American" communitees (rather the communitee is mixed with several races or not). That's what he would like to focus on. Even though this country has come so far, those same ignorant mind sets (of those just like 12 yrs) are still holding it back! Where not ashamed of where we come from, we proud of it! We're not ashamed of what we've been through, it shows our strength & favor. Its says alot about those who constantly attempt to bring us down through words, humor, cruelty, etc. Opinions are one thing, but facts are another.

  • MaxDog | June 22, 2014 12:57 PM

    I see you got to making that point before me. I agree, I find Jackson's comments to be highly ignorant.

  • Angela | June 21, 2014 6:55 PM

    Wowee... To compare slavery to the Holocaust is like comparing apples and oranges and I think is always a slap in the face to all who experienced either. Both were horrific points in history in addition to a sad look at what the hive mind is capable of, however, when talking about the psychological and after effects you must think about the timeline of both, the lead up to both, how the world responded to ending each situation, what went into ending each situation, etc... Do that and you'll find probably one thing the two had in common. It's as silly as saying all Dels leave comments in comment sections. Take for instance a child kidnapped for a day as opposed to twenty years. Both situations are frightening, to say the least, but they would also produce two vastly different people. We (humans), sadly, want the world to be simple, "Look, we righted the wrong and so that's that. Buck up! Move on!" Pay close attention to your life for the next week and see if there is NO gray area. You can't toss all logic and common sense out the door and replace it with gimcrack statistics when talking about this stuff, therefore, I suggest you stay away from it if you're only inclined to make it some "Freddy vs. Jason" battle amongst the disenfranchised; humanity tends to be a lot more complicated than that. And you should know; you are human after all.

  • Will | June 14, 2014 7:42 PMReply

    MICHAEL JACKSON...SAMMY SOSA!!! get the hint?Lets get the Rudolph process started post-haste! Then poor people of color can live with poor white people of color (Oh Joy) and those that are smarter that have been successfully Rudolphed can live with congenital white folk. It'll be Hell all over again. YaaaaaaY YiPPPPeeeeeee!!!

  • Emily | June 12, 2014 10:11 PMReply

    When will all the mean&cruel hearted people, learn to quit being mean and cruel? Learn to accept DIFFERENCES!!! Humans need to realize that we are each just as worthy of love and acceptance, as everyone else: Black, White, Asian, Mexican, French, Irish, German and all the others. We all need to be kind to each other, and embrace differences, and not allow our children to go out in public until they get it through their heads that we are all special and unique...and deserving of kindness, and learn to BE kind, not hateful.

  • Emily | June 12, 2014 9:56 PMReply

    I CAN'T STAND the way blacks have been treated in history! I still occasionally hear/hear of people being rude and unkind to blacks, and ANY people who are in any way different than them, and it makes me FURIOUS!

  • Gomo | June 12, 2014 10:27 AMReply

    SLJ is speaking the absolute truth.

  • idontcareaboutanyofyou | June 7, 2014 10:43 PMReply

    this is not a place that allows you to write a whole statement even bu splitting it into sections i couldn't paste something I wrote. In short SLJ you suck as an actor I hope you never get to butcher the original "Nick Fury" ever again and eat shit and die. (had to save like 500 words just now because they are limiting free speech for fear of spam *eye roll*)

  • Vera | June 7, 2014 1:19 PMReply

    He is speaking the absolute truth,the hate for african american males is sooooo bad in this country my family is trying to kill me and my son because we can't pass for Latin or white or anything but black

  • Mr T | June 7, 2014 1:14 AMReply

    Isn't SLJ in a slave movie directed by a white man? (Django, Quentin Tarantino)

  • Phillip | June 5, 2014 12:10 PMReply

    This entire comment section is a wonderful example of white peoples 'beliefs' on racism and utter denial of the trickle down effects of centuries of abuse and debasement.
    "look at how you dress"
    "you people don't listen to real music"
    "only racist people seem talk about racism"
    "black people love to useth race card"
    "black people today arent slaves so why care"
    "there were white slaves too! (even though they were murderers an thieves and debtors)"
    "I'm not racist my toasters black"

    Keep pretending. Your head can only fit in your butt for so long, gotta come out for air eventually.

  • Kitt | June 6, 2014 11:36 PM

    So true, people always have to over-generalize and discriminate. "DUHH, FACTS AND THINKING ARE HARD!!!"

  • idontcareaboutanyofyou | June 4, 2014 5:21 AMReply

    In the past the blacks had founded a music that showed their sorrow. Hint hint it wasn't Hip hop it was Blues and i really respect the whole direction and its meaning. It was sadness and it made a whole image of the situation they were in and was an outlet of sorts. When was the last time you wanted to listen to blues, and wtf are you listening to atm. And now for the movie aspect. I don't like the black characters in all the movies as of late. And I only find partial fault in the director because if you have to be "correct" in not insulting some group you have to get a representative and usually he brings nothing to the table and only takes up screen time. SLJ i am looking at you! You are one of my least favorite actors. You don't know how to act you are just screaming your lines and are one of the reasons why the so called "racism" in the industry exist.

  • idontcareaboutanyofyou | June 4, 2014 5:21 AMReply

    What gives you the impression that people are nice to each-other. I do not believe that America and the people in America are any decent representatives of the human race. I am not black, I don't care for the division by skin color because if you call someone a racist do you in fact believe that you are a special kind of race, are you not human, how is slavery a factor today when you have not the slightest idea of what being a slave is? If you have a problem that happens today check around to see if you are in fact oppressed. Are whites treating each-other any better or Asians for that matter. Take music for example it usually is a good indicator of how you are doing.

  • jason | June 2, 2014 4:16 PMReply

    How to get respect --- First put a t- shirt on saying I resolve to have one kid only. Date somebody from your race ethnicity only . All the other usual stuff .

  • James | May 22, 2014 12:17 AMReply

    Seriously? Trayvon did not get shot cause he was black calm down now.
    And I hate racism and the tendency of human nature to want to bully or harass each other for something but also we need to view each other as equals and put an end to diversity because this is ridiculous. From republican to democrat or White to Black WE ARE AMERICANS! And this country is gonna go further into shit if you folks don't throw your childish bullshit away and come together and fix this country! You're all whining and bitching like children!

  • Carl | May 22, 2014 1:51 AM

    "You folks" is not all black people in the country you pompous jackass. Just some posters on a blog so why don't you calm down. All Americans are not treated the same. Got that dipshit?

    Tell ya what, you get a clue and then maybe we will give a shit about your fantasy world where racism is a low priority. Same place were you can find lollipop bushes, candy cane trees and ginger bread houses. Do you believe in unicorns too? GTFOOH.

  • Celt | May 18, 2014 5:51 AMReply

    Sure are alot of proud people who descend from property.

  • leah | May 12, 2014 12:25 PMReply

    I do not see how black people complain about white people not liking them or being racist. The most racism I see comes from those who keep talking about racism. There will always be racism within every race it is not right but it is something that happens unfortunately. Everyone does have an opportunity to make something of themselves. It is also what attitude you have. You can blame it on racism or you can do something about it and take responsability for your own success. The blacks of the old days were heroic and courageous and the best way to honor them would be to be courageous instead of whining and complaining. Yes whites are racist very much so but not all of them. Blacks are also very racist but not all of are. That could be said about every other race. So what???!!! Leave the haters and racist people alone and surround yourself with positive people who can look beyond race. Why worry about them? This is just trying to create division. Do not feed into that. We should be bigger than that.

  • The truth | July 21, 2014 3:08 PM

    There are prouder people descended from mutations..go figure

  • leah | May 12, 2014 12:00 PMReply

    Black or white it doesnt matter who directs a movie about slavery because the blacks of today have no idea what is was like to be one, so they are equals to whites now and they both can have an opinion. It is about knowing your history and really knowing from the slaves point of view.

  • T | May 29, 2014 6:18 PM

    You can't buy some one off with a I phone 5 ...from 400 yrs of oppression and mind
    slavery.... there no trust. Every time you turn around some innocent.. brother is being
    gun down (oh i through he had a bagel with cream cheese " So I shoot him) type bull
    go's down... so if your turn your back on these type of injustice it only get's worst... how
    many times has are elected president been call a N word sorta speak to many times, rule
    number 1 keep one eye open !!!!!!!

  • Pllll | May 11, 2014 2:16 PMReply

    Weez negroes beez inferiorz to ALL Whites.

  • The Peoples Luciferian | May 1, 2014 4:09 PMReply

    African American talking about the history of white slavery:
    Ok so I can't post a youtube link. Go to youtube and look up
    "White Slavery 101* what they never told you in History Class part I "

    He talks mainly about the history of white slaves in america or on islans close to americas[such as in Barbados}.
    He does'nt tocuh however upon the history of white slavery in africa. Between the 16th and 18th century 1.5 million whites were sold into slavery to black north africans[and elsewhere} by the Arabs. This was mianly a Muslim oppression according to what I've come acrossed. The muslim arabs sold 1.5 million whites into slavery in north africa for a couple centuries duration.
    This is something you'll never heard talked about in academia{schools, universities,etc} or by our politicians, media, or anyone who talks about and against racism and slavery or by pseudo-progressives/pseudo-antiracists...they will focus SOLEY on white americans slavery of and racism against blacks[as well as how the europeans that come to the americas treated the natives, and all other crimes committed by white people as a method to demonize and scapegoat whites alone for all racism and slavery...but the facts of history prove them wrong and show that their dooing this comes from a motivation of racism against whites}. It's sad that ALL the blame gets cast onto whites alone and that no other race is expected to take responsibility for the racist and oppressive/slavery crimes of their ancestors. The white slaves in arabia and north africa and in the barbados/americas and their decendents have NEVER received reparations, an apology, or even attention/mention. Millions of white slaves and their decendents have never been aknowledged by mainstream media, academia, politicians, or the pseudo-anti-racist mainstream that tends to blame whites and whites alone and not even aknowledge that whites too have been enslaved and victims of racism and that blacks as well have enslaved whites. Yet every white person today is expedted to have white guilt and to be apologetic to blacks and others, and Muslims, who won't do the same for whites. This is PROOF that there is a pseudo-progressive/liberal conspiracy AGAINST WHITES{and especially white males, and of course the feminists war on all males in general as well}
    Anyways, this informed, intelligent, objective black guy in this video[and the part 2 to it} explored white slavery in the americas at least. Kudos to him. He probably gets accusations of being a race traitor by some other hypocritical, ignorant, racist blacks for talking about this stuff,

  • James | April 30, 2014 9:03 PMReply

    I'm white and I've never been guilt ridden over racism. I'm not a racist, didn't own slaves, wouldn't own slaves. And I didn't liberate the slaves, I didn't enslave the slaves. I've got my own shit to worry about.

  • John | May 12, 2014 8:11 AM

    So you ignore that last paragraph about young black men 'accidently' being killed by neighbourhood watch?

  • The Peoples Luciferian | April 30, 2014 2:12 PMReply

    Blacks don;t know how good they have it in hollywood. They should try being a native north american. Natives plight is largely ignored by hollywood, inclouding by all these multi-millionaire black actors/musicians/etc who complain that they are so oppressed, ignored, or misrepresented in hollywood. Not only have Natives rarely if ever had a movie done that shows what happenned to them, how many native american actors are there in mainstream hollywood{movies, t.v., music,etc}? Next to none. There have been a few of course, VERY FEW, and they are ALWAYS typecast into stereotype roles{whereas blacks, whites, and others are'nt always}, very few native actors have been allowed to strike it big in hollywood{actually NONE have struck it "big", a few have made smaler roles and so on}, yet where are the white guilt ridden whites and blacks and others standing up for native actors and demanding more roles{including big ones} and more striking it big musically{musicians}, they whine that they are so oppressed and underrepresented and yet few to none of them seem to give a shit about native north american actor/muscian artists and the serious underrepresentation of them in the entertainment arts. Blacks think they have it so bad, guilt ridden white pseudo-progressives think so too, yet neither and no one else is standing up for natives? Why is that? Why is that blacks only care about their own and pseudo-progressive whites only care about blacks and every issue in hollywood and in north america in general is cast as a black and white or black versus white issue? What about native north americans? Where are your voices for them hypocrites?
    Blacks are completely equal in hollywood and the arts with whites and asians and others, but no one seems to give much of a shit about native north americans and their lack of representation in the arts and entertainment community{and hollywood} or the fact that every native actos or musiucian that make sit barely makes it that big and is always typecast as native stereotypes?

    Whites and blacks perhaps need to stop being so self-involved it seems. Both are very hypocritical in this. As thrash titans ANTHRAX state in their song "Indians" put it
    "We all see black and white
    When it comes to someone else's fight
    No one ever gets involved
    Apathy can never solve"

    So racially self-involved millionaire and billionaire blacks and pseudo-progressive whites, stop your whining, you have it pretty good. Perhaps you should start speaking up for nati8ve north american entertainment artists a little instead.

  • The truth | July 21, 2014 3:12 PM

    All the major Native American tribes were slave owners and sided with the South in the civil war.....looks a little bit different now that picture you painted

  • rebeca brown | April 29, 2014 10:35 AMReply a little confused.

    1. you state that 'African-Americans are still too psychologically shell-shocked', Steve Mc Queen is of African heritage, so I agree correct me if I'm wrong but I assume he is not the descendent of slaves. So I'm totally with you on that one. However Samuel L. Jackson is a fool. The issue of Steve McQueen not full being able to grasp the plight of African Americans or those who are the descendent of slaves, I agree with. But do you not find it strange, that Samuel L. Jackson has an issue with McQueen and yet it ok for Quinton? Samuel L Jackson was only the other day trying to convince a news reporter to say the 'N' word. Who does that? There are debates to be had about, why Hollywood seem so interested in churning out slaves movies. But please lets not use Samuel L, Jackson as our spokes person.

  • Donella | May 11, 2014 2:43 PM

    Steve McQueen is descended from African slaves held in Grenada--The Caribbean.

    His latest body of work and the recognition it received worldwide, including by the UN, reveals his ability to grasp the plight of those who are descended from slaves.

  • The Peoples Luciferian | April 30, 2014 12:26 PM

    Not all of them are.
    Take Bill Cosby for example. He has said that black people need to stop blaming all white people{or exclusively anyhow} and take some responsibility for themselves, he's also been critical of racist violent gangsta rap. and he lived during the time that blacks still did'nt have equal rights in America.

    It's sad to see all this demonization of any and all white people and todays{and the last generation or two} inundating any and all white people from youth onward with this "white guilt" crap because of the accident of birth being born with white skin.
    It's also sad to see people presuming that whites alone have been or are racists and no one else is or that no one is ever or has ever been racist against whites and/or that whites have never been the victims of racist oppression and slavery themselves; for ex: during 16th to 18th centuries whilst black african leaders were seelling their own into slavery to white europan decended amercians there was also the arab-north african slave trade which traded in white slaves, about 1.5 million victims who and whose decendends have NEVER received any justice, not even an apology. It's sad and extremely hypocritical that today whites alone are expected to be feel guilt for this crime of their ancestors{racism/slavery; not all whites or all white cultures/countries partipated in the holocats, colonialism or slavery of blacks,etc}} and yet no one ever expects blacks to be apologetic for the slavery of white people that some of their ancestors{not all} participated in, a gross and racist double standard.

    It's also very disgusting that whenever a white celeb or politician,etc, says something even rometely racist{whether they meant it to be racist or not} they are roundly demonized{rightfully so perhaps for those that actually are racist} and yet whenever a black{or native, or anyone else} celeb/politician/etc says something racist{a little or alot}about white people not only are they not demonized for it and called's allmost completely ignored by the media, hollywood elites, politicians, and therefore the masse sof the people. It makes an objective person just shake their head at the racist anti-white hypocrisy! For example, Samuel here, as well as a few others like Danny Glover, and alot of hardcore black rappers have said racist things about or put out racist stereotypes about white people or various types of white people..they can get away with all kinds of slurs such as "white trash" or "inbred rednecks",etc. When news of the clippers coach broke of his racist remarks about black people he was rightfully ostrasized and lost his job as an owner of a sports team that is largely black{though being fined for merely speaking an opinion is going to far} - he was roundly condemned for it by celebs and politicians, one of which was Snoop Dog who is a video unleashed a torrent of hateful racist stereotype remarks against whites{and rednecks} in general and no one condemned his racist remarks...quite the opposite.

    The hypocrisy has gotta end or else racism will not end so long as whites and blacks{or natives or others} keep stereotyping each other and pointing the finger at each other in hypocritical irrational anger.

  • Margaret | April 28, 2014 12:35 PMReply

    I am so happy to hear Samuel L. Jackson's comments on "Twelve Years a Slave." It is wonderful that someone who is deep into the "industry" nonetheless understands why some of us (especially black women and black academics who study "Enslaved Black People") found the movie troubling. It was not about the collective struggle of slavery, but about the individual will of one man who was depicted as different. When will Hollywood allow African American filmmakers to creatively tell an authentic narrative on slavery that reveals how people resisted physically and created a culture that is still with us today. Where was the collective triumph of the human spirit over adversity in "Twelve Years A Slave"? The depictions of slave life were not even true to the actual autobiography.

  • NNY | July 15, 2014 1:21 AM

    I agree Margaret.

  • Tired of the lies | June 1, 2014 6:44 PM

    I am so tired of people saying that we (Moors) should get over people hating us because of something that we cannot change. How the F**K do you think we can get over it while y'all are still lying about our heritage (changing the definitions of words like black, blessed, sad, christian, and many other words that definitions were changed). Black – blac, and blaec, pale, wan, blacian, blaecan, to become pale; to turn white; to bleach; also to lighten; bleak. (These all came from the 1849, 1854, and 1859 editions of the “Noah Webster’s Dictionary“.) With regard to the word “black” this dictionary goes on to say the following: “It is remarkable that black, bleak, and bleach are all radically one word. The primary sense seems to be pale, wan, or sallow, from which has proceeded the present variety of significations.” This statement is quoted exactly as it is written in Webster’s including the italics. I added the bold and the underline. After this statement, the dictionary begins to give a list of the “present variety of significations” – such as “the color of night,” etcetera. One spelling variation that the dictionary does not give for the words “black, bleak, and bleach, is the word BLAKE. Blake also means black, bleach, bleak, and pale (Dr. Yaffabey, 2013). Those folks are using our heritage against us, they want us to think that the # 13 is not a good number. Look at the sign for McCannibals and Walmart (2 of the richest corporations within this corporation) turn their signs sideways and tell me what you see- 13 right? Malcolm X said it best, "We did not land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us." Who are us? the Moors, but Columbus called us Turks (where did the word TURKey come from? Hmmmm- November 25, 1491- what was for dinner? We Moors lived of the land, we didn't eat meat- we were as they call it now- Vegan. Since they did not bring meat when Columbus landed on our land (we are the American Autochthons- the true AmEricans) what do you think was for dinner? Ooops, our ancestors were, roasted and stuffed like a TURKey. Interesting, right? There is so much more, the truth is out there, many of us are too lazy to look for it, too busy looking at twerking videos and fighting videos, when we should be looking for the truth about our heritage- "African" Americans, my @$$. They don't want to go by their name, European Americans- Arts and Humanities-look it up- The Moors are not immigrants, but the pinks (aka the real blacks) are immigrants- that think this is their land because they stole it, like they steal everything else. I'm so tired of the lies and bs they tell us. They wonder why their genes are recessive- look at babies and children who are Moor, Mexican, Arab, Asian, African mixed with a European American- who genes are dominant? Moor, Mexican, Arab, Asian, African, why is that? Recessive genes and lack Melanin (15% is not enough). Why do they use chemtrails to try and hid the sun and keep the planet from getting too hot? Not enough Melanin to handle the heat. Look at the signs, Mother Nature is pissed- look at the seasons and the weather-it's not normal. Better yet, why does the pope and the people who can enter the vatican, worship a Madonna that is of Moor descent (what they consider "black")? Why do every president have to kiss the ring of the pope and pay homage to the queen (while she's sacrificing young women to sustain life)? Why did they select a Moor/European American to be the 44th president? Hmmmm? Have to keep it in the pink bloodline- they are all related and related to the queen. Do you think we got our independence? Hell no, that's why the president has to take his @$$ to see the boss, so he can stay in his lane. Dr. Yaffabey is your friend. Why do you think they put important stuff in books? Our ancestors could not read their language, but once they learned it, most still would not pick up a book. That's why many sheep eyes are closed. Jay is a genius, guess what his favorite book is? The dictionary buy one and read it, you will learn a lot. Make sure you get the first Webster's unabridged dictionary the hard back- before they changed the true meaning of black, blessed, sad, christian, and so many other words. That is not including the many words that were taken out, just like they did with the bible- take stuff out and add stuff. KJ- was a satanist, the first rewrite of the bible was done by a homosexual, and it's being rewritten as we speak by everyone's favorite author-JKR. Wake the hell up before you end up like MLK, too late. Do you remember him questioning where he led is people? Boom, dead! Read the court transcripts when the government- our government conspired to kill MLK. There were snipers from the federal, local, state, and private citizens all line up to take that shot, but no one wants to claim the kill. Just like when they killed JFK, the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, LBJ, and so many others conspired to kill him (if you look at the footage- JFK was hit by Oswald once (through the neck & it went through and hit the passenger. The kill shot came from a secret service agent with the AR-15 in the car behind him. Why do you think they got rid of his brain? They did not want anyone from his family to find residue from the exploding, fragmenting round that blew the hole in his head. Oswald's rifle did not have fragmenting rounds and he only killed one person that day (the cop he shot when he was heading to the book depository. They only found two casings from Oswald's weapon. If you believe Oswald killed JFK- you would have to believe that the Russians had a hand in the assassination of JFK and that is not the case. Our government conspired to kill JFK, his brother, and JFK, Jr. It's strange they have never mentioned recovering his body. Strange. Just like the many European American kids- raise your hands if you eat McMonalds, I mean McCannibals. One certain religion, sacrifice the European American kids for their blood and guess who buys the rest of the remains for the hamburgers and sausage at your favorite fast food dump. Go to youtube and watch the video interview of a certain religion leader. The truth is all around you

  • The Peoples Luciferian | April 29, 2014 1:58 PM

    Please read my posts below, one just a response to the article, 2 others arfe responses to Joe the messenger. Thanks.

  • The Peoples Luciferian | April 25, 2014 12:43 PMReply

    I wonder if Samuel{and all the other people who scapegoat whites, males, and esp "white males" for all racism, oppression, and slavery} knows that 1.5 million whites were kidnapped and sold into slavery by arbas and blacks amongst each other in the 16-18th centuries? I guess those 1.5 million whites{and their lineages}don't matter, their suffering does't matter. Ironically it was blacks in africa who sold other blacks in to slavery to North America, whites did not seel whites into slavery to blacks/africa, blacks and arabs raided their lands{mainly muslims did this} and kidnapped them to seel them into slavery, yet you won't hear the mainstream anti-racism/slavery/etc crowd in the west even mention these white slaves sold into slavery by arabs to blacks in africa{some of the whites in south africa likely are the decendents of those white slaves}, nor will you hear mainstream academia mention the injustice of white slaves.

    People like Samuel here{and many mainstream pseudo-anti-racists} also likle to blame whites and whites alone for racism and not take responsibility for their own or for racism by others of non-whites. They act as if racism is soley whites being racist and that north america is whites intolerant of racial, gender, ethnic, orinetation, religious, and other diversities. Yet in North America today[and much of wester Europe too} you will find 1000 times more diversity{and tolerance for it} in these afforementioned things than anywhere else in the world; is racism by whites non-existant in thw west? No, but neither is racism by non-whites. Go to the middle wast or northern africa or asia for example and you will find very little racial, gender, orientation, religious,etc, diversity{or tolerance of it}- you'll find mostly racial, gender, religious,etc HOMOGENITY and intolerance{brutal intolerance at that in most, not all, of these places}.

    Many of them point to black slavery and colonialism of north amefica by SOME whites{not all white cultures were part of this, but they will blame ALL whites in general nonetheless}, or the Aryan supremacists of Nazi germany{and some fringe, not very prevelant white racists in north america/the west}- and again, NOT ALL WHITES{or all white cultures. nations,etc} were part of Germany's aryan supremacist oppressions of others nor condoned it; whilst they conveniently ignore arab/black slavery of whites, and the many good whites who were not and are not racist and ignore the racists who are non-whites and the oppressions and slavery and racism of cultures that were/are not white historically- all races and genders and cultures{or most anyhow} have particiapted in racism and oppression and sexism.

    It's so easy for pseudo-anti-racists and pseudo-anti-sexists to blame whites, males, and espececially "white males" alone for racism, sexism, oppression, injustice, and slavery. But the objective historical, global facts prove them wrong and prove them to be the real racists and sexists and bigots.

    Stop scapegoating whites, males, and "white males". Facts prove this scapegoating to be racist/sexist and prove that whites are not alone to be blamed and that whites have also been victims. This demonization of the white male devil is getting old and is full of rank hypocrisy.

  • Jonson | July 22, 2014 6:22 PM

    Stop changing the topic and stay on subject.

    Typical white deflection move.

  • The truth | July 21, 2014 3:17 PM

    What your doing is called deflection...nice try

  • fearorsurrender | June 10, 2014 3:40 PM

    I am not a colour, you may though, more readily deduce that I herald from England, where the word colour is spelt with a u.
    But I digress...If I am not a colour then no-one else is or could ever be. Labels are used for the purpose of telling you what is contained within.
    Within so-called black people there exists a melanin dominate gene, within so-called white people there exists a melanin recessive gene.
    There in lies the problem.
    The general populace here on Earth, live by these false labels. We are but One race with varying degrees of difference, period!
    Conundrum time: If so-called blacks are inferior to whites why then are more and more 'white' people trying to be black at least outwardly? And of course if so-called whites are inferior to 'black' people. Why then are so many so-called blacks trying to be white at least outwardly?
    Such a ridiculous question you might say, but it's merit can be derived from the obvious answer to both questions..on the one hand 'blacks' who believe the hype will readily lose their identity, while 'whites' who'm have some sense of the true nature of things embrace all that is so-called black.
    Racism is really based on ecconomics and yes, it will embrace all who champion it's many causes and agendas; like for instance SLJ etc...etc

  • Joe The Messanger | April 19, 2014 2:37 PMReply

    Here's an idea... A blockbuster film featuring a majority/exclusively black cast that ISN'T about us having been enslaved. Maybe portrays a POSITIVE and EMPOWERING image of us, rather than lamenting this portrayal of us being treated as dogs.

    Oh wait.. That can't happen because it's not in the white establishments interest to empower blacks in any way. 12 years was allowed to be widely success because it achieves an agenda; consciously or subconsciously reminding blacks that they are powerless to the white oppressors and delivering a psychological blow that only serves to etch away at our self-esteem, while angering us and make us look to the past, rather than looking forward to the now and the future in order to reach a point where we control the very images portrayed of us. So if indeed we decide to make a movie on slavery, we make on the many slave revolts wherein the notion of the indomitable black spirit may be depicted.

    We must truly be responsible for making, producing and distributing our own entertainment and everything else for that matter. The establishment seeks to deny us this because if we do, then we truly become free- because when you scratch the surface, you'll see that we're still otherwise enslaved. It's just disguised better these days.

  • George | July 22, 2014 6:26 PM

    Hit the nail on the head.

    Can't expect jews and whites to empower their enemies now, that is just insane thinking.

  • The Peoples Luciferian | April 29, 2014 1:56 PM

    Something else to ad to my last post/response to you.
    If you think America/Canada{North America} racist, think again. Yes there are pockets of extreme racist fringes{a small minority} and yes there are people of ALL races that are'nt hateful of other races but hold some misconcieved stereotypes about other races, but North America is the most diverse and tolerant place on planet Earth. In N.A. we have MUCH racial, gender, sexual orientation, and other forms of diversity and more tolerance of such{it's not 'perfect' yet of course} than anywhere else in the world. Go to North Africa, allmost ALL black people, very homogenous, and not to mention that many of those places in north africa are home to the same kind of fundamentalist christian and muslim mentality from the dark ages where people of other religions are oppressed or dissalowed and persecuted, witchunts{literal}, where people of other races are stereotyped en masse, where gays are still being killed, where women are still very opressed,etc, same with the homogenous arab middle east and homogenous asian far east; in these places you;ll find VERY LITTLE IF ANY diversity or tolerance for it.
    Yet so many people accuse north america of being or act as if it is the most racist and bigoted and intolerant place on earth and blame N.A. and expect N.A. to take MORE responsibility than any other place on earth for racism, sexism, religious and orientation/etc intolerance.
    Or go to some countries in Europe that are homogenously white{though even in those places there is more diversity and tolerance of it than in the north african, asian, middle east,etc}

    Those that think N.A. is so racist and bigoted and oppressive based on those things{N.A. is mainly so only in "class" ie: rich and middle class against poor,etc; and there are plenty of poor people and rich people of all races and genders and so on here}, and America has MANY flaws, namely it's hypocritical capitalist imperialism caused by it's upper class elites and the spying and other conspiratorial things as well as special privelages given to fundamentalist strains of christianity. But as far as racial/gender/orientation/etc diversity and tolerance go N.A. has the least racism/racial oppression, gender/-gender based oppression, ans the m ost respect for diversity of race, gender, orienation, and other forms of diversity.
    Granted North America was founded{America and Canada} on the oppression of african slaves and of N.A. natives having their land taken from them and beeing oppressed, and these are wrongs that must be made up for of course and slowly but surely are being so. But N.A. as it stands today is the most diverse and tolerant of differences place on the planet, not yet perfect but not worthy of being demonized as the most racist/sexist/bigoted place either.

  • Pat | April 12, 2014 9:13 AMReply

    Friends don't let friends build or live in ghettos.

  • The Peoples Luciferian | April 29, 2014 1:14 PM

    Lots of films have been made with mostly black casts, including a few bigger movies{I'm not sure about super blockbusters; but even if not, plenty of blockbusters have had major actors/characters in them who are black}. I'm not sure where your getting this conspiratorial idea that there is some conspiracy in hollywood keeping the black people down?

    Furthermore, blacks are not the only ones who have been oppressed/enslaved, and blacks are not completely innocent of enslaving/oppressing/racially persecuting others. There are black racists out there, some of them are very racist against white people{if not other races as well}.

    ALL races have at one time or another in global history racistly oppressed/enslaved others, and all have been the victims of it. Yes, even whites have been enslaved have been racistly enslaved before, and yes even blacks have done the racist enslaving. For example; between the 16 century and 18th century while africans were being sold into slavery by other black africans to white european decended north americans, at the same time the Arabs kidnapped white european slaves and sold them into slavery to north africa{black north africa} where they were enslaved and racistly persecuted/abused by their enslavers, about 1.5 million white people were victims of this during that time, and they and their decendeds have never received justice, they've barely even been mentioned by so-called anti-racism/slavery activists{I count myself as one; a opposer of all racism and slavery}- in fact, sadly most are'nt even aware of this.
    Look it up, for example google "arab-north african slave trade" or "white slavery",etc.

    It's so easy to blame whites and whites alone for slavery and/or racism and presume they've never been the victims of the same themselves; but the objective facts of global history prove otherwise for those that care to do actual objective, cross referanced research. Presuming that only whites are guilty and that they've never been the victims is motivated by racism itself.
    I can understand much older african/black north americans who are still a little bitter about what happenned to them or perhaps their first generation parents that came to a legal/offical and largely social end at least a 3-4 decades ago, but I have no sympathy for those of the younger generation who complain thet they are opressed for their race now or go around blaming any and all white people for what happenned to some of their ancestors; especially since not all white people or all white born cultures participated in the slave trade of or racism towards african americans. NOT ALL WHITE cultures or people{and their ancestors} are guilty. YOu can't stereotype a whole race and all individuals therein for the crimes of SOME of them or some of their ancestors. That is itself a form of racism{there are 3 forms: race price, race guilt, and race blame/finger pointing/stereotyping}.

    We{all people of all races} must truly be responsible for making, producing and distributing products, ideas, and movements that are diverse and not promoting more racial isololationisms, resentments, or herd mentalities; this includes not making ANY ALL this or that race/gender films and entertaiment. To do the opposite makes one part of the problem.

  • Kieran | April 19, 2014 4:04 PM

    Have you ever watched Passenger 57? If not, then watch it. It's all about black power and has an anti-white element that may please you.

  • Steve | April 2, 2014 2:26 AMReply

    E.L.E. Everybody. Love. Everybody.

    I think Morgan Freeman said it best when he said you stop racism by, Stop talking about it. "I'm going to stop referring to you as a white man, You can stop referring to me as a black man. You know me as Morgan Freeman, a man..."

    Pulling the race card in any given scenario, weakens the people in which the race they represent. It shouldn't work that way but it does. We should be judging people by the content of their character. That's what MLK wanted.

    Saying that white people need to make up for and own up to the atrocities that their ancestors did years ago is absolutely asinine. Yes, Racism does still exist, on all spectrum's... It goes all ways. But the whites, blacks, browns, yellows and red who treat everyone with the respect and compassion and do their part with helping evolve fellow mankind, why are they to make up for such atrocities in which they work so hard to dissolve. So once again, "I just want to be judged by the content of my character, not by the color of my skin." - MLK. That should go with all spectrum's. Blacks, whites, browns, yellows, reds etc.

    You can't say all white men are evil, slavers and racists, just as you can't say all black men are gang-banging thugs etc. I don't see color I see a human. A human who deserves the compassion, respect and opportunities as any other human.

    Notice I did not identify my race. Because does it really matter? All you need to know to understand my point is that I am a man and that I. AM. RIGHT.

  • Steve | April 2, 2014 2:28 AM

    Because we are all descendants from Africa.

  • Cybercod | April 2, 2014 12:43 AMReply

    People like to blame nebulous groups of other people sometimes when they don't realize they have the power themselves.

    Samuel has made lots of money to fund any movie venture he pleases. He needs no permission from "Hollywood"... he just needs to write a check.

    He's got to be rolling in money, he's in EVERYTHING these days.

  • Tim | April 1, 2014 8:47 AMReply

    Slavery should be brought back in as long as they are treated well.Most farmer's look after livestock it is in their interest.This would help unemployment in the hood and teach respect for their betters.One other bonus would be eliminating rap so called music.In the long run they will have purpose and feel better within themselves with a firm guiding hand.

  • The Peoples Luciferian | April 29, 2014 2:12 PM

    That is the most absurd idea I've ever heard. Slavery{in any form or for any reason} is morally and logically wrong, it does;nt matter who the slaves are or whoo the enslavers are{and all races and most cultures have at one time or another been the victims and at others the victimized}.
    Also rape music isn't ALL blacks and it does'nt all have lyrics or promote things such as thug culture.
    If you listen to country or rock or metal or anything like that for example, that grew out of the music of black slaves, out of blues and jazz and so on that were the product of black slaves and of black culture. So should we abolish rock, country and metal,etc then? Of course not.

    Furthermore, the social problems incoluding crime,etc, that permate "the hood" also permeate other poor areas inhabited by other races{for example mainly whitge trailor parks} and these things are done by deperate poor people of ALL races, not just blacks in "the hood".
    How about the corporate crimes that are much worse than anything going on in "the hood' and affect far more people negatively, these crimes are mainly done by rich white dudes{and a few non-whites and females}.

    You're not helping anything by promoting racial stereotypes against blacks and promoting slavery{of any sort for any reason}; science and facts and logic and reason testify against you're attitudes and suggestions.

    And if you think I'm an apologist for racist blacks like Samuel L Jackson, think again. I encourage you to read my few other posts above, one made in response to the article and a couple in response to joe the messenger. You might be surpirsed.

    Humans are all born equal under the laws of nature and of the divine mind. Skin pigmentation is only skin deep. There a few other insignificant differences betweenr aces, for example whites are more succeptible to certain diseases that blacks or natives or orintals are'nt and visa versa, buit only slightly so. There is no fundamental difference between the races and genders.
    All deserve to be treated with dignity and all deserve fairness and justice.
    Truly Jesus Christ was right when he said "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you"; to do otherwise just results in more needless suffering and death and reprisals/revenges ina deadly bloody cycle that never ends and affects us all{and our decendends} equally negatively.

    Your attitudes and suggestions above are part of the problem.
    I reecomend you do more objedtive cross referanced researchj on these matters and more deep thinking and introspection.

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