Charles Burnett

I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to be in attendance for this event. Just our luck that it’s happening across the Big Pond.

On Saturday, October 5 at 2PM at the British Film Institute at the Southbank Centre in London, as part of its African Odysseys series,  there will be s screening of Charles Burnett’s 1977 masterpiece of black cinema, Killer of Sheep, with Burnett himself in person.

There will also be a masterclass with Burnett, as the program says, and though it doesn’t say exactly what it will entail, anything involving Burnett talking about his experiences in filmmaking is more than worth the price of admission and invaluable for anyone who aspires to be filmmaker or who just loves films.

In addition, Burnett, along with producer Ray Brown, will screen selections from his latest project, 83 Days: The Murder of George Stinney Jr., which tells the tragic true story that occurred in South Carolina in 1944, of 14 year old Stinney who was arrested for the murder of killing two white girls, a crime which he did not commit.

Coerced into confessing that he committed the crime, he was rushed through the system and straight to the electric chair in just 83 days. Stinney is still today the youngest person to ever be executed in the United States, though several lawyers are still working to obtain a posthumous pardon for Stinney based on a deathbed confession from the real culprit who “came from a well-known, prominent white family”.

To find out more about the BFI event go HERE.