the we and the I

Virgil Films & Entertainment has announced the home video (DVD/Blu-ray) releases of 3 S&A-covered titles: Michel Gondry's The We And The I, British/Egyptian drama My Brother The Devil, and Egyptian revolution documentary, 1/2 Revolution.

Michel Gondry's Bronx tale The We and The I made its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, last year (2012).

The film stars Michael Brodie, Teresa Lynn, Laidychen Carrasco, Raymond Delgado, Jonathan Ortiz, Jonathan Worrell and Alex Barrios, and is described as follows:

The We and the I is the heartfelt and comical story of the final bus ride home for a group of young high school students and graduates. As kids depart the bus for the last time, we get to learn about these graduates as they step into the world – their love, their conflicts, their despair and their hope.

There's actually a sci-fi element to the story not mentioned in the above synopsis - the school kids accidentally travel into the future, where they discover a machine that keeps people young; although there's really no sign of that part of the story in the below trailer.

Virgil Films will release the film on DVD on September 17.

The trailer for The We and The I, follows below (poster underneath):