Angela Davis

Not that previous trailers (although I think there's really only been one) weren't captivating; they were, but I like the flow, and vigor of this new French release trailer for the film, which has more pep to it. It plays almost like a 1970s crime drama - the music and quick cuts helps I suppose.

The USA release trailer is much more solemn I'd say.

But, 2 different trailers, each giving you 2 different looks at the film that we've seen and strongly encourage you to see, when Codeblack Films releases it in the USA on April 5th, theatrically, in a deal that also includes BET's involvement - suggesting that the network will likely premiere the film on broadcast TV.

Shola Lynch's Free Angela & All Political Prisoners is described as:

... a feature-length documentary about Angela Davis and the high stakes crime, political movement, and trial that catapults the 26 year-old newly appointed philosophy professor at the University of California at Los Angeles into a seventies revolutionary political icon. Nearly forty years later, and for the first time, Angela Davis speaks frankly about the actions that branded her as a terrorist and simultaneously spurred a worldwide political movement for her freedom.

I screened the film last fall, while it was at TIFF, and reviewed it (read that review HERE if you missed it). Lisa Harewood also interviewed director Lynch at TIFF last September for S&A; read that interview HERE.

Watch the new French-release trailer below; apparently, it'll be distributed in France, beginning May 12: