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Short Shouts: A Wacky Couple Decide Whether to Part Ways in Romantic Comedy '4Closure'

by Jai Tiggett
July 26, 2013 1:20 PM
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Here's a little comedy to start your weekend. Written by Penelope Lowder and directed by Hilliard Guess, 4Closure spends a day in the life of an off-beat couple deciding whether to part ways. The 15-minute short is executive produced by Guess and Alisa Banks.

From the film's website:

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, birds singing, sun shining, by all accounts it should be a perfect day... but for this couple, it'll be one they'll never forget. Sheila Robinson, the ever-loving devoted wife who's at her wits end, has some big decisions to make.  But unbeknownst to her oblivious husband Leonard Robinson, he won't be a part of the decision making.  Over the course of these dramatic events, hilarity ensues.  Will this wacky couple's love survive?  Or will it be lost the same way as their dream home?

Find the full film below:

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  • CC | July 27, 2013 11:58 PMReply

    Not bad. I thought the actress was "natural" and the Kevin Hart guy's acting was ok. However, for me, the white guy talking smack in my house, while rubbing on my lady, with the intent of sexing her up in MY BED, was not funny. I mean, if midget man would have pimp slapped his ass and threw them both out the door (on their ass) that might have been funny.

    But, funny or not, I can't believe many men would grin and bear a situation like that. But all goodbye is not gone. Ol'girl did look tantalizing in that see-thru top. So this short gets my "I might check it out again for it's T&A effects" **YUM YUM YUMMY** :-)

  • miktal | July 27, 2013 11:25 AMReply

    I`m all for supporting black film makers but this is not good. The two lead characters and their "situation" is not the least bit believable. The whole thing seemed aimless and as if they made it up as they went along.

  • DK | July 27, 2013 6:42 AMReply

    This was funny! Wish people could just watch instead of giving a critique only 3 minutes into a short film. You'll be surprised.

  • Lvflg | July 27, 2013 1:38 AMReply


  • Mark & Darla | July 27, 2013 1:08 AMReply

    Like this, some hiccups but funny.

  • Why??? | July 26, 2013 5:06 PMReply

    Why do people over 15 years old, or out of college spend time on short films?

  • Akimbo | July 26, 2013 5:30 PM

    Because short films get turned into features and/or TV series and jump start people's careers. I'm kind of shocked by this question.

  • Man-Over-Bored | July 26, 2013 3:17 PMReply

    Yay, me! I made it to the 3:18 minute mark before bailing on this poorly-acting, unfunny, and pointless short! I dare anyone to beat that! My seven-word review: An utter waste of a great title!

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