Here's a little comedy to start your weekend. Written by Penelope Lowder and directed by Hilliard Guess, 4Closure spends a day in the life of an off-beat couple deciding whether to part ways. The 15-minute short is executive produced by Guess and Alisa Banks.

From the film's website:

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, birds singing, sun shining, by all accounts it should be a perfect day... but for this couple, it'll be one they'll never forget. Sheila Robinson, the ever-loving devoted wife who's at her wits end, has some big decisions to make.  But unbeknownst to her oblivious husband Leonard Robinson, he won't be a part of the decision making.  Over the course of these dramatic events, hilarity ensues.  Will this wacky couple's love survive?  Or will it be lost the same way as their dream home?

Find the full film below: