5th Annual Soul of BK Festival

Last fall, I first wrote about filmmaker Sekiya Dorsett’s documentary-in-progress film (the now retitled) "Women and The Word: The Revival Movie" (HERE), which follows 5 young women who hit the road with their "The Revival 2012," with the goal being to bring music and poetry to actual living rooms across the U.S. and abroad, creating safe spaces, participating in several sold-out shows over 8 cities in 9 days.

The film captures the tour's 5 troupe members as “they grow as women, performers, and as friends."

Now the film will have its first official sneak preview next week on Weds August 20th as part of the program, "Celebrating Queer Black Women in Film" at the Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Art (MoCADA) in Brooklyn, at the 5th Annual Soul of BK Festival, which runs from Aug.17-23rd.

Along with the screening will be a panel that includes filmmakers Ms.Dorsett, Alexis Casson ("The Peculiar Kind"), and filmmaker Cheryl Dunye ("Watermelon Woman"), who will also be previewing her latest film, "Black Is Blue," and on which they will talk about their latest projects and about the future of film.

Here’s the website to find out more about The Soul of BK Festival: . HERE

An extended trailer for "Women and the Word: The Revival Movie" follows: