Mac and Devin Go to High School

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa are reuniting for one more take (or is it toke) of the stoner comedy - this time in a feature film titled "Dispensary," which hails from The Yard Entertainment.

To be shot in LA this fall, the film's writer & director is Dylan Brown, and will be produced by Lucy Brown, and will follow the highs and lows (although likely mostly the highs) of Devin Overstreet (played by Wiz), a college student with a dream - to open The Dispensary (or what he deems the McDonald's of the weed industry). After getting himself expelled from college, he teams with Mac (played by Snoop Dogg), a guy who knows a thing or 2 about marijuana, and together they aim to set the ganja world on fire.

Ahh, so many easy puns to be made here... I couldn't resist.

Director Dylan Brown was also responsible for the last film Dogg and Wiz made together - 2012's "Mac & Devin Go to High School" - a comedy about 2 high school students - Devin, an overachiever struggling to write his valedictorian speech, and Mac, a stoner senior now going on his 15th year of school who befriends Devin, and introduces him to cannabis. 

Given available evidence, I suppose we can assume that "Dispensary" is a sequel to "Mac & Devin Go to High School."

Here's a refresher of the latter, which was Khalifa's feature acting debut. It's currently streaming on Netflix: