do the right thing

A trip (literally and figuratively) down memory lane with some of the cast and crew of "Do The Right Thing," in celebration of the film's 25th anniversary.

The 25-minute short documentary, titled "Do The Right Thing 25 Year Anniversary: A Beats Music Experience," is presented by Beats Music. It features director Spike Lee, co-star Danny Aiello, and production designer Wynn Thomas, as they stroll through the neighborhood where the film was shot, reminiscing about the locations that were once part of their filmmaking experience, over 2 decades ago.

Included throughout the documentary are clips from the original film, as they relate to the specific location where those scenes took place, leading up to a finale that relives the summer block party (in June of this year) that Lee and Beats Music threw in the neighborhood to celebrate the film's anniversary, as Brooklyn borough President of Brooklyn declares the day "Do The Right Thing Day." It features appearances by Mos Def, Erykah Badu, Dave Chappelle, Wesley Snipes and a few others, ending with a performance of "Fight The Power" (the film's rousing anthem) by Public Enemy, of course.

I was there for part of the block party, and I can say with some certainty that no garbage cans were thrown to through any pizzeria windows.

Watch "Do The Right Thing 25 Year Anniversary: A Beats Music Experience:"