Spike Lee - 40 Acres

With 2 weeks to go, he's raised just over $725,000 of the campaign's $1.25 million goal. With $500,000 and 14 days left to go, I'd say the campaign should be a success. It's not uncommon to see last minute surges in contributions on popular campaigns like this one, and actually in general.

But just in case... 

The image and video below, with Spike himself, have all the details. 

At $25 per head, I don't think expectations are that the money that comes in from this will take much of a bite of of the film's budget. However, just in case it comes downs to the final moments of the campaign's end, and it's in need of a few thousand dollars to get it over the hump, the money generated by this DJ Extravaganza event, taking place next week Friday, might provide that much needed push over the finish line.