O.K. I confess. I actually liked Spike Lee’s version of Oldboy. Needless to say, it didn’t come close to Chan-wook Park’s original version, but on the whole, I thought it worked fairly well.

Of course, I’m in a very small select group when I say that, and even more so considering that practically no one saw it, since the film was a huge bust at the box office. But I have to give credit to Spike for trying to do something different, and far from what is usually expected from him.

So if you missed it, since it was pretty much in and out of theaters in a week, you can finally see it for yourself when it comes out on blu-ray DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on March 4th.

Unfortunately, the DVD will not contain Spike’s original 140 minute cut, just the theatrical 105 minute version, nor will it have any commentaries on it. But it will include some alternative and deleted scenes along with two featurettes: "The Making of Oldboy" and "Transformation."

And in case you’re interested, Park’s version is available on both standard and Blu-ray DVD as well, in case you’re curious to watch both of them and compare.