Stacey Dash

So as I said about Stacey Dash a year and half ago, let’s imagine you're an actress who got dumped from your last regular TV gig, Single Ladies. And then you got replaced in a film you were making due to "creative differences." And your last two films - Patient Killer and Lap Dance (you can pretty much guess the premise of that last one) - are “iffy” and may never see the light of day.

You try posing for Playboy, and even create your own web series called Normal, in which you play a just slightly exaggerated version of yourself, which also never fully materialized, beyond the trailer, and one episode.

But nothing is really working out as you planned. So what can you do to get noticed? Well, if you’re a black woman like Stacey Dash, how about presenting and positioning yourself as a hard core conservative, a fierce supporter of the GOP and an Obama basher?

That seems to have worked for Dash so far, who got the attention of conservatives, happy to have someone even remotely off-white, to prove to themselves that they were welcoming of all types of people. 

Illusion is everything.

It’s being reported that Dash is now currently is in talks with Fox News to become a regular contributor on the network; a sort of lateral move for someone whose last film is called Lap Dance I suppose.

No further details so far, but it’s more than likely that, if she jumps on board, it wouldn’t improve Fox’s black viewership, if that's their intent, which I recently wrote about HERE.