Steve McQueen

The London Daily Mail is reporting today that director Steve McQueen is in early development on a BBC drama series he plans to make, “exploring the black experience in Britain."

McQueen told the paper that he soon plans to do a series of workshops, with an as yet unnamed group of actors and writers, to start developing the series, which will be set in West London, where McQueen was born.

He also said that the series will be "epic in scope," and will chronicle the lives of a group of friends and their families from 1968 to 2014.

He further added that he will spend most of this year developing the project, sharing that he was inspired to do the series since "I don’t think there has been a serious drama series in Britain with black people from all walks of life as the main protagonists."

With 12 Years A Slave almost totally behind him, the director also has a project set up at HBO, with World War Z co-writer Matthew Michael Carnahan, as well as Russell Simmons, and the Oscar-winning producers of The King’s Speech, Iain Canning and Emile Sherman. Details are currently sparse on the drama project, but it's being described as "an exploration of a young African American man’s experience entering New York high society, with a past that may not be what it seems."