Supporting Characters

Back in April S & A's Vanessa Martinez gave a really strong positive review (HERE) of Supporting Characters, a small indie film that made its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. 

The film, written by co-star Tarik Lowe along with co-writer and director Daniel Schechter, has been called a "masculine romantic comedy" and centers around two buddies (Lowe and co-star Alex Karpovsky) who work as film editors, who are brought in to salvage a stink bomb of a film, directed by a neurotic and desperate film director. While dealing with this headache, the two friends try to cope with their own messy personal and romantic lives.

Lowe was quoted in an interview that Vanessa did with him (HERE) saying that fim was inspired by his "real life work partnership/relationship dynamics."

Now the film is being released theatrically, starting in New York on January 25, but will also be available on demand two days earlier on January 25th through Tribeca Film.

Heres the trailer: