Full Circle

Here’s the trailer for the New York-made feature, Full Circle, which marks the feature film directorial debut of Solvan ‘Slick’ Naim, an Algerian-American rapper and music video director who hails from Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Playing the lead in the film as well, Naim stars as Antoni, a pizza delivery boy, who finds himself in a world of trouble and hurt, when he comes across a large stash of money from a drug deal gone bad.

Needless to say after taking the money, Antoni puts himself, and everyone that he knows and loves, into jeopardy, which results in a quest for revenge against a big time drug dealer played by Rob Morgan (Pariah, The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete).

The film, which also stars Kelvin Hale, Eden Marryshow (CBS’ Blue Bloods) and Devale Ellis, the former Detroit Lions wide receiver, premiered at the Palm Beach International Film Festival and will next be screened at both the New York City International Film Festival on Friday June 14 and Sunday June 16.

It will also screen later this month at the Manhattan Film Festival on Thursday June 27.

Here's the trailer: