Taping To Begin Soon For Steve Harvey's TV Talk Show

by Sergio
March 13, 2012 8:34 AM
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I'll bet all you ladies just can't wait to see that gorgeous hunk of man every afternoon five days a week can you? Well you won't have to wait much longer.

Taping will begin very soon for Steve Harvey's nationally syndicated talk show which will start airing on afternoons this fall. The show produced by NBCUniversal and Endermol USA  will taped at the NBC Tower in downtown Chicago. The show is excepted to spend as much as $25 million in the city for "local production staff, vednors and other necessitiies" acording to NBCUniversal

In an official statement the production companies said that said that his show will cover "a vast range of relatable topics, such as marriage, dating, parenting, workplace, friendship and the daily drama we face thoughout our lives all with his unique comedic spirit"

Harvey will also contuine, as well, his syndicated morning radio show which began 12 years ago.. This is Steve Harvey's (shirtless) world and we're just living in it

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  • Boss Ladi | June 19, 2012 8:33 PMReply

    Can't wait to see it Bless Steve Harvey

  • ChocolateOrchid | March 18, 2012 4:11 PMReply

    *sighs* Another reason to cut down on my tv time.

  • Afrostyling | March 14, 2012 9:23 PMReply

    You are all kinds of wrong for that picture lol

  • Nadine | March 13, 2012 2:14 PMReply

    You know Sergio, it is a testament to you that upon seeing that ridiculousness up there (the picture), it was clear it was one of your posts. I always enjoy your levity. You are too much.

  • Jai | March 13, 2012 1:59 PMReply

    He can't even talk and now he'll be on tv, what a waste!!!!

  • Akelah | March 13, 2012 12:20 PMReply

    That picture is just wrong! Hahaa!

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