Terry Crews

I don’t know who Terry Crews' agents are, but, whoever they are, they deserve whatever percentage they’re getting and then some, since Crews seems to be everywhere, in movies and TV. Where does he find the time to do it all?

And now somehow he’s now found time to add another gig to his long resume, with the announcement that Crews is all set to replace Cedric "The Entertainer" on the syndicated TV version of  Who Wants to be a Millionaire, next season.

Last week Cedric announced that he was leaving the show after just one season, saying his busy schedule was creating a problem for him to continue with the show. And Crews isn’t busy enough?

However, most likely, the show’s upcoming move to Stamford, Connecticut (where several nationally syndicated shows are produced because of its cheaper production costs), and perhaps the fact that Cedric was simply not a good fit for the show, are more likely the reason why Cedric decided to move on.