Top Boy

Meanwhile... across the pond...

Thanks for Emmett for turning me onto Jump TV UK - an online urban sports/entertainment/lifestyle magazine. I enjoyed watching/listening to this episode in which the panel of guests discuss the 4-part Channel 4 thriller titled Top Boy, which stars Ashley Walters. It already aired in the UK, and, from a few reactions some of our UK readers sent to me, it's a solid piece of work, though its familiar *urban* themes of drugs, gangs and violence (but in a different setting) may turn off some Stateside.

In the discussion that transpires in the 13-minute video below, comparisons are made to The Wire, as they question Top Boy's *positive* and/or *negative* messages about black youth as well as the authenticity of its representations (similar questions The Wire faced - a combo of the "burden of representation" and "the danger of the single story"). The young panel also tackled an issue that's come up quite a lot on this side of the pond - specifically on this site; and that is, the "rappers versus actors" debate.

The point of it all being that these topics we constantly debate here in the USA aren't strictly black American concerns.

If you're in the UK and you missed Channel 4's broadcast of Top Boy, all 4 episodes are available for viewing online via the channel's website HERE.

Watch below, and feel free to subscribe to the Jump TV UK YouTube channel HERE.