Trailer For Adaptation Of Off-Broadway Play 'Between Us' (Taye Diggs, Julia Stiles Star)

by Tambay A. Obenson
January 22, 2013 12:18 PM
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Recapping... screening at the Slamdance Film Festival, in the Special Screenings section of the festival... Taye Diggs stars alongside Julia StilesMelissa George and David Harbour, in a filmed adaptation of a 2004 Off-Broadway play titled Between Us, written by Joe Hortua.

It's an ensemble dramedy that tells the story of two men who have been friends since graduate school and who begin to drift apart as they find wives, have children and grow up, exploring the bittersweet friendship between two couples who meet as old friends and discover their lives are tarnished by money, sex, success and children.

The film, as did the play, takes place over the course of 2 nights.

I watched a screener of it over the weekend, and, in short, it's a claustrophobic work, featuring 1 pair of couples, in closed spaces, and lots of drama, but very hard to watch. In fact, it took me two attempts to finally get through it.

Despite some pretty good acting (the film's strength I'd say), I found it rather cold and distant. I just couldn't connect with any of the characters emotionally, and so ultimately didn't really care for their individual, and/couple-specific dilemnas. 

In addition, I've screened similar kinds of dramas over the years (in short, a scant number of people - usually a couple or two - in single, enclosed locations, as truths lead to hurt and pain, and eventually, catharsis... some of the time), and Between Us doesn't really try to distinguish itself much from its predecessors.

I do wonder if it played better on stage, and is meant to be appreciated that way, so if you saw the off-Broadway play, chime in with your reactions to it, please.

Dan Mirvish (also founder of the Slamdance Film Festival) adapted the play, and directed the film.

A trailer for it has surfaced and is embedded below:

Between Us - teaser from dmirvish on Vimeo.

Here's your first full look at the couples:

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