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Trailer For Tyler Perry's "Good Deeds" Arrives!

by Tambay A. Obenson
December 14, 2011 2:14 PM
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Well, here you go folks! No intro necessary...the first trailer for Tyler Perry's Good Deeds. Posted without further comment; Enjoy :)


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  • charmaine | December 21, 2011 12:57 PMReply

    Looks like a good movie... Can not wait until it comes out...

  • KeepingItReal | December 15, 2011 2:13 PMReply

    He cast some strong actors and actresses (minus TP, and Brian White)!

  • Jug | December 15, 2011 1:35 PMReply

    Damn. There is some serious hate against Tyler on this post. And I can't say it hasn't been warranted in the past. BUT, hasn't the sentiment also been that folks didn't like what he was putting out & asked-screw that, cried out from the soul-that he make better films? I mean, folks go see OBSESSED, BELLY, TROIS & STATE PROPERTY I &, unbelievably, II and those are dreadful films-top to bottom. Is he going to make a WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO WITH IT?, PARIAH, DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST-reeeally doubtful. But in an attempt to make better films, isn't there anything of merit in this latest trailer? Again, I say that judging it on it's own look, not because of who made it or what his last films were about (in so far as only to say his craft has gotten better). I too, cringed at the 5th generation reference, while there are Black Yale grads dating back to the late 1800s (1870s to be exact), it was really weak & contrived writing. So what? You think anything in Keenan Ivory Wayan's MOST WANTED wasn't contrived? LOL When he first started, Brad Pitt was a terrible actor. So was Halle Berry. They've worked & became respectable, if not damn good (jury is still out on Halle LOL). Can Tyler not do the same? Is that not what we're asking of him? It seems that the vitriol here is more about what he represents & ultimately proves his point when he said about Spike "Hey brotha, if you want me to make a better film. Come talk to me. Tell me how". Doesn't that start with some truly constructive criticism, instead of a final condemnation of the man & his skill forever & ever? I don't like his films, I don't like Madea-but I can give credit where credit is due-even if it still needs a lot of work. Adam Sandler is probably one of THE worst comedians working today, sitting on top of a movie empire stack 'o' cash for no good reason so far as I can see. I laugh sometimes at some of his stuff, but the sun shines on a dogs ass some days. I can give that credit and at the same time say the rest of his shit sucks. Folks can't even give Tyler that! I'm just asking, is there nothing about this trailer that at least says "Okay, it is typical Hollywood trite fare?" which really, is a definite step up for much of his stuff. I wasn't bothered either way as a Black person-which usually happens with is films. He looks to have come up to a ground floor standard in his filmmaking. Maybe he can go higher & make more quality stuff?

  • FoodforThought | December 17, 2011 1:10 PM

    I agree. We have to at least give people a chance and this movie actually looks good! And, I am not a fan of all of Mr. Perry's work, but I do enjoy some of his films, and this looks like one I'll like : )

  • Jug | December 15, 2011 9:09 PM

    Laura I agree. But it is relatively better than most of his product, even if it doesn't look to be that good a movie. Hallmark Channel with Black people. Listen, I am not a big one on ANY filmmaker doing everything-writing, acting, producing, etc. cuz nobody can tell you "Hey man, you fucking up!" LOL Most times, what you get is George Lucas instead of Mel Gibson (say what you want about the dude, Braveheart is a fucking beast of a film!). The weave stuff, c'mon-I've seen hair & makeup look bad in $20 Mil productions-and you KNOW TP wasn't spending that kinda dough. But things like that are incidentals. I don't think this is a "good movie" because the writing looks like it stinks just like JUMPING THE BROOM, or TRANSFORMERS 3, or GI JOE or TERMINATOR SALVATION. But I wouldn't go around saying that Michael Bay or Stephen Sommers set white people back thousands of years with their bullshit. Unfortunately, we happen to judge our films by a different standard, and that standard is the racial component. How do you make "US" look? And that's not always fair. When talking about a polarizing guy like Tyler, forget about it. It seems like it's the only component. I just feel like the hate here is the salty taste from his Madea or The Browns films. I look at it like this, if Uwe Boll-the undisputed King of Shit European Cinema-ever does a good film I won't know it because I don't see his movies, they're shitty LOL. But if I happen to see it, and it's good, I'll give him one. I won't keep yelling how much he sucks because I have to "keep up appearances" and hate on the dude. And honestly, FCG was right there within Tyler's grasp & GOOD DEEDS seems to at least be building in the right direction. Please remember, the Faith-Based cinema goers look to certain formulas of their movies just like action junkies, rom-coms & sci-fi. It's not just a drama-it's a GENRE. It has rules. And Tyler follows them To. A. T. But past the cliche's & stereotypes-it seems like regular films are starting to emerge from this man, not film school projects with larger budgets. If anything, I'd say at this point it's his ego (just like George Lucas) that keeps his films from being any good-not entirely his subject matter. Turn the reigns over to someone else & try & see how much the creative content will flourish. I can't imagine that there's so much of a fear that he can't find a similarly-minded team with goo-gobs of production knowledge to take his stuff next level. But that isn't about coonery, at least not the definition I know it to be. Is it about "the work" or is it "personal"? Again, this is from someone who does not like Tyler Perry films, has never paid to see one of his films & does not foresee paying for one in the till I'm dead.

  • Laura | December 15, 2011 8:08 PM

    @Jug, I hear ya. But a two things. #1 I find nothing wrong with low brow humor and I get a bit peeved when those We-got-to-look-good-in-front-white-folks-Blacks go around hating any of our cultural expression that they see as making us looking "bad, low class, etc." in front of white folks. That's what is up with all this "coon" language when it comes to Tyler Perry. To me his comedy is situated in African-American humor, not humor that white folks created about us. That's why I could never say his work as coonish. Is his humor low brow (i.e. humor with gags), yes. Tyler Perry plays an elderly lady that carries pistol and gets into far-fetched situations and he also plays her brother. Um yes that's low brow and so what of it. It may not be my up of tea but, hey I ain't got no complaints. #2 Now this is where I have my issues. Tyler Perry also wants to be known as a serious narrative filmmaker. He had the time and practice to develop as a film maker. More importantly, he has the resources to bring in those with expertise to the table. And this is WHAT HE PRESENTS. Come on Jug really. No co-writers, no research department (5th generation???) No top notch hair and make up person. That busted-up weave on Gabrielle Union is... come on look like some 2 dollar pack of Konakalon hair on her head. I see that as laziness and cynical. No if he wants to be taken seriously as a dramatic narrative film maker than come with it and come hard. It doesn't have to be high art, but it has to be tight. This is your basic "boy meets girl" story. DO IT RIGHT. How hard is it for him to do? Go 'head, follow the formula, but do it right. He had the time, practice and resources to do so and and what I see from the trailer and photo he didn't.

  • Jug | December 15, 2011 1:45 PM

    And yes, Tyler casting himself was bull. But whatever, it's his movie, he can do what he wants.

  • Jug | December 15, 2011 1:39 PM

    To think more on it, BET just had THE RICH MAN'S WIFE on it last night, & Halle Berry AND Clive Owen were in it & BOTH of them were bad. Halle more so, but good lord if we were judging them by the same bar as TP, there would be no CHILDREN OF MEN, CLOSER, or INTRODUCING DOROTHY DANDRIDGE.

  • CareyCarey | December 15, 2011 12:59 PMReply

    JEEPERS CREEPERS BLEEPERS! FROM THE SUBLIME TO THE RIDICULOUS: The Attack of The Haters In Sheep's Clothing. On the 12th day before Christmas, my true love sent to me, a sublime statement in a pear tree -- "I'm noticing a definite growth of production values in Tyler's films. Pretty cool". On the 11th day before Chrismas someone said to thee -- "Not that bad. But I'm sure the haters will be with us in 3-2-1". Oh lord, on the 10th day before Christmas they showed up -- yes in deed, one two and three; Three French hens, Two turtle doves, And a partridge in a pear tree -- "This rant so isn't even about Tyler Perry BUUUUUT, this is probably super nit-picky, but this is the kind of detail that I always pay way too much attention to. He's fifth generation Ivy? Like, FIFTH???" ... "CC you're absolutely right. I don't mind Tyler Perry's ambition but his lack of craft is frightening" ... "That 5th generation Ivy League BS line turned me off immediately. What is he, a blueblood?". (2 Turtle doves)-- " I say X_X" ... "And I say "Lowbrow". Now the Big Coon Hunter in the haters tree, he huffed and he puffed until it all falls down -- "I call it "Regina King-Sanna Lathan-Taraji P. Henson-Jennifer Hudson,-etc.-Disease" and "Your attempts to defend TP make no sense -- they have no logic -- they're just raw, funky, ghetto displays of stank attitude" and "You think TP's gonna come and rescue you and your baby(ies) from that single mother squalor of your single room apartment in the urban jungle in which you currently reside with your good-for-nothing-poor-excuse-of-a-boyfriend?" and "You Tyler Perry people kill me! This means you, CareyCarey!Jeeeeez!". Well folks, so goes another day in S & A and and a partridge in a pear tree... "Akimbo | December 15, 2011,

    @U OF I ALUM: What. The. Fuck?"

  • Leon Breckenridge | December 15, 2011 3:11 AMReply

    I think I love my wife meets daddy little girls. Wow....

  • Akimbo | December 15, 2011 2:36 AMReply

    The trailer is going for a Seven Pounds, Pursuit of Happyness, self-important Will Smith flick vibe from the trailer, but I've read the script. It isn't even that. Very little to this story; matter fact, from the trailer, you have just about all of it.

  • robin | December 15, 2011 12:46 AMReply

    WOW!! U OF I Alum you really dont know what the hell you're talking about. Obiviously TP knows what he is doing and understands his audience because if he didn't, he wouldn't be working right now. As for the "disease" statement you made, maybe you didn't see Taraji P Henson in Benjamin Button or her new show Point of Interest. I was also fortunate to see Sanaa Lathan's play "By the way, meet Vera Stark" and she did a great job!! It's not the actors or actresses fault that directors aren't giving them better roles and your comment made it seem like they are the ones who have a problem (disease). Also there is No WAY IN HELL that all of these thoughts just came into your head after watching this trailer. So you've had a dislike for Tyler perry before coming to this page and yet you decided to watch the trailer and pay attention to what he's doing.(but you dont like him).If you dont like him or have a problem, then stop viewing things about him or with him in it....Move the Hell Around!!

  • Darla & Mark | December 15, 2011 9:19 PM

    Girl for your own sake don't reply to his comments regarding Tyler, he is just waiting for a fight. Read his comments, laugh and move on.

  • U of I ALUM | December 15, 2011 9:03 PM

    @ROBIN: When did I claim I didn't care about you? I thought it was obvious that I did -- I ain't ashamed to say that. Also, I come from a two parent home; why would I throw such an insult at you if I too were subject to its sting? Additionally, I would argue that you started "talking crazy" first, not me -- I simply commented on the trailer, offered my critique of it -- and you jumped on my case because you disagreed with my views. Furthermore, where do you and your friends work that allows you to stay entertained via message board all day? Obviously, nowhere that requires serious intellect or skill? And finally, would you like to exchange messages privately -- in hopes of possibly getting together? All jokes and sarcasm aside, I'm really impressed at the manner in which you held your own against my online foolishness. Really admirable -- and, I must say, indicative of the strength, inner pride and personal fortitude that's strengthened and emboldened our women for survival throughout the past ages of turmoil and struggle. It was really a turn on, too. Please let me know -- and if not, Best to you and yours, My friend.

  • Robin | December 15, 2011 8:45 PM

    @U of I Alum: You are sooo funny, you should do comedy! You have kept my friends and me entertained at work all day today! If your parent paid for your education, you should go apologize to them because you didn't learn shit! you've wasted their money, and now you're on a blog about someone you "claim" not to care about and you're making a huge ass out of yourself. Because If you didn't care you would have stopped commenting a long time ago.. And lets not forget, you were the one to start talking crazy it sounds like you're the ghetto one! I apologize that you're mom made you upset today, so all of the stuff you wanted to say to her, you said to me. Thank you for a very interesting day, I shall never forget the time I talked to America's top Dumbass!! lol.

  • U of I ALUM | December 15, 2011 8:12 PM

    @Robin: Overweight? Am I right? Come on, you gotta give me that one! Also, you watch your TP movies on bootleg or some Magic Johnson theater in which you converse (or do you say "conversate"?) at the screen as if it's an actual fluid dialogue? Come on now, don't lie -- I know I ain't wrong on all counts!

  • Robin | December 15, 2011 7:00 PM

    @U of I Alum you might as well talk out you're ass because that would probably make more sense and no, none of that shit you said about me is true. You just sound more and more like a dumb ass with every post you type! But you're Funny to me, that's why I keep coming back to see the dumb shit you type. LOL! It's funny how you feel you know about my life after a couple comments! GET REAL and yea you still NEED A LIFE!

  • Quentin CU Alum | December 15, 2011 5:54 PM

    LOL @ U OF I ALUM!

  • U of I ALUM | December 15, 2011 5:39 PM

    @Robin: My point exactly. I know your "type" enough to start talking about your personal life. And tell me, how many of my perceptions about your personal life were incorrect? I thought so. You say, "If Tyler perry wasn't making money for Lionsgate then they wouldn't still be working with him" -- however, no one ever implied his films didn't make money, you semi-literate-never-to-know-matrimony-single mom. The disdain for him rests in the fact that he makes money, millions specifically, by exploiting the ignorance of uneducated, low self esteem, Black women (in particular) like yourself. "All of that extra shit you said proves you to be ignorant, uneducated, and probably just an "ALUM" wannabe," you say? And wait, don't tell me, you come off in your posts as fifth generation Ivy League? Your type (I won't go into such details this time, you know what applies) is the reason TP continues to reap success -- and you don't even fully realize why. How sad. (Apologies for getting personal. To You. Your child(ren). Your prize of a man. Even the single mom who did her best to raise you.)

  • IJ Clinton | December 15, 2011 2:17 PM

    I saw the off-Broadway play By the Way, Meet Vera Stark too. Wasn't it awesome?! Loved it. I recommend Stick Fly, currently on Broadway, too if you haven't seen it yet.

  • Robin | December 15, 2011 12:12 PM

    @Akimbo: thank you @U of I Alum, you still dont know what the fuck you're talking about. First off you don't know me to start talking about my personal life of having kids, being single, living in the ghetto etc. Really Bitch!! You're dumb ass just started taking personal shots over a comment! I never made it that personal Hoe! And Taraji's role in "Benjamin Button" had to do with that time period. No matter what you say, she killed that role! And Tyler Perry understanding his audience is the only arguement I need BITCH! Because the Box office is What grades a movie. If Tyler perry wasn't making money for Lionsgate then they wouldn't still be working with him. Obviously He is giving people what they want because the fans show up everytime! And Since you know sooooo much about acting please tell me what the fuck you've been in, what awards you've won, what role did you get that was just so great etc. I didn't think so. All of that extra shit you said proves you to be ignorant, uneducated, and probably just an "ALUM" wannabe. That was really pointless for you to go on that rant, I didn't know I could make you that mad. GET A LIFE! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

  • Akimbo | December 15, 2011 11:34 AM

    @U OF I ALUM: What. The. Fuck? The inflammatory insults are so uncalled for. Just because a woman disagrees with you, she's ghetto trash? Please take your racism and misogyny to youtube or something because you are just as guilty of perpetuating stereotypes as TP right now. Ridiculous.

  • U of I ALUM | December 15, 2011 4:18 AM

    @ROBIN: "Obiviously TP knows what he is doing and understands his audience because if he didn't, he wouldn't be working right now" -- that statement? Seriously? I don't even know how to respond to such foolishness, won't even attempt to. Taraji P. Henson was embarrassing, as she aged, in "Benjamin Button" -- she went from average/normal woman-to-ignorant-slave-like-mammy role (what kind of evolution of character was that?). Obviously, you know nothing about acting --and " really dont know what the hell you're talking about" in your blindly loyal, ill-informed, typical ghetto-woman attitude (you've surely watched "Why Did I Get Married" to many time (although I'm going to assume you're not married in actuality!) -- because you come off like that loud, shallow, ignorant character Sasha Smith plays on screen (but I guess you think she's an exceptional actress, too -- if she wasn't, you'll probably argue quite loudly, "[s]he wouldn't be working right now," right? Your attempts to defend TP make no sense -- they have no logic -- they're just raw, funky, ghetto displays of stank attitude. And quite frankly, you need to learn how to tone that ghetto sh*t down! It ain't that serious: You think TP's gonna come and rescue you and your baby(ies) from that single mother squalor of your single room apartment in the urban jungle in which you currently reside with your good-for-nothing-poor-excuse-of-a-boyfriend? And you say: "all of these thoughts just came into your head after watching this trailer"-? You do realize such a thing is possible, don't you? And yes, I have "had a dislike for Tyler perry before coming to this page" (because of his trademark coonery and buffoonery) -- so what? Ain't I still welcome to watch -- and comment -- on the trailer?! Who the hell are you to tell me I can't do such a thing?! You Tyler Perry people kill me! Damn! Getting all heated -- and getting me all heated -- over "Good Deeds" -- damn!! Come on, lady. Can't I ever write a regular review without some ghetto-ass, barely literate, close-minded TP defender jumping on my case! Jeeeeez!

  • Akimbo | December 15, 2011 2:32 AM

    "Person Of Interest." Sanaa has been the biggest disappointment of her class. She was so good in Love & Basketball, adorable in the "Best Man," and then the wheels fell off. She was horrible in "Raisin" on Broadway, weak in "Brown Sugar," and bleh in just about everything I've seen her in. At least with some of the other one note actresses in that group, you already know what you're going to get with them: screeching from Taraji, smirking from Gabrielle Union, lackadaisical line readings from Meagan Goode. Sanaa is all over the place, sadly. Even though they, too have their "isms" I can at least count on Regina Hall, Regina King, Anika Noni Rose, Aisha Hinds, and Kerry Washington to deliver actually nuanced and varied performances. Viola Davis should go without saying.

  • cc | December 14, 2011 10:55 PMReply

    Okay, this is probably super nit-picky, but this is the kind of detail that I always pay way too much attention to. He's fifth generation Ivy? Like, FIFTH???

    Okay, so if he's, let's say 32, then he graduated from his (undergrad) Ivy in 2000. Assuming every former ivy leaguer in his fam had children the day they graduated college (so maybe some prodigy graduated really young and someone stayed for advanced degrees, but on average, let's say age 22, so 22 times 4 generations, so 88 yrs before 2000), then the first graduated around 1918 and began in 1914.

    Now this is a fairly conservative estimate, given that as time went on and social norms changed, they were likely having families later, after working for a few years (yes, they may have had housewives to stay at home and raise the kids, but still). As well, as time went on, they were increasingly likely to get MBAs, law degrees etc. So the first generation was probably in college even EARLIER! Very close to 1900! Maybe even before! And they were, ummm, like. . . black. . . And you know, ummmm, U.S. history.

    Little things like this drive me CRAZY. How does that even make sense? Yes, it's POSSIBLE. But, really? Is it really being used to illustrate the specialness of his family? Or is it just lazy writing? It's like, you're just saying things that SOUND good, without thinking them out for even a second. I mean, it's not central to your enjoyment of the movie or anything, but it was the FIRST LINE in the trailer. . .

    Okay, the first black student graduated from Harvard in 1870, but Princeton, 1947 (Thanks Google!). So yes, it's possible. But, between 1870 and 1947, do you thing there were very very many black ivy leaguers (hell, college students AT ALL), or very very few? And hey, maybe the first ivy grad in his family was white? And he's of mixed heritage. Totally possible!

    I don't CARE if he really is 5th generation, if the movie makes that seem like a realistic possibilty, great! BUT: It's like the writer has just seen tons of dramas about well-off, well-bred men and just wrote some shit down. (He or she could have just taken a second to think, hey! maybe I should say third generation?)

    ***Exaggerated Sigh****
    This rant so isn't even about Tyler Perry, or this movie. And there's probably a much more relevant case to illustrate this point. It's about movies that don't stick to the logic of the world they're depicting/have created- in this case, the real world. This is the reason I get all worked up watching sci-fi/fantasy, historical fiction and in this case even contemporary stuff. Because the logic is not tight. It's just, as I said, lazy.

    However, I LOVE when they prove me wrong and I hope if I ever get around to redboxing this movie, they've created a character and scenario which makes this voiceover not completely ridiculous. Because a black 5th gen ivy graduate WOULD be an interesting character. I'm sure several actually do exist in real life. But it's really not a stock character you just throw around, you know?

  • IJ Clinton | December 15, 2011 2:12 PM

    I wasn't go'n say nothin', lol, but the "fifth generation Ivy League grad" thing had me like WTH too. Thanks, CC, for laying out the historic diagram. Tyler Perry's 42, and I don't think he can pass for 32, so I think the character's probably 40ish. So then I wonder, is he supposed to be a descendent of 1870 Harvard grad Richard Theodore Greener (1844-1922), the first black to get a degree from there, or something?

    That said, I've enjoyed some of his movies (namely Daddy's Little Girls, also starring Gabrielle Union; Why Did I Get Married?; The Family That Preys; and I Can Do Bad All by Myself), and if Good Deeds isn't too cloying, it might join the list. I plan to check it out when it hits theaters.

  • Linwood Rose | December 15, 2011 7:38 AM

    CC you're absolutely right. The 5th generation Ivy comment thing is a huge problem for me. Your estimates are extremely conservative. I did my own back of the envelope calculations and had the first generation starting in the late 1800's. To have an unbroken chain of 5 generations of black ivy leaguers during reconstruction, segregation, the advent of the modern ghetto, and the prison industrial complex is extraordinary! The other point I'll make is that Tyler Perry is too old to be starring in this movie if he's the 5th generation. The 5th generation would likely be matriculating right now! Tyler is what 42?

    Also, I don't mind Tyler Perry's ambition but his lack of craft is frightening. There is a reason most movies have separate directors, producers, writers, and lead actors. These are four different full-time jobs! The most talented person would spread him/herself to thin trying to do all these jobs. And Mr. Perry's talent is not on that level. If he wants to be taken seriously as an actor he should allow other talented people to write, produce, and direct so he can focus on the nuances of the craft.

  • Laura | December 15, 2011 12:39 AM

    That 5th generation Ivy League BS line turned me off immediately. What is he, a blueblood? It's lazy writing that seems to indicate that there's no character development. I am not a Tyler Perry fan nor do I consider his work coonish and buffoonish. (Low brow Black humor -yes, but coonish -no). That's why I don't have problems with his comedies. His comedies are nothing more than church play format transposed to the screen. That's why I can tolerate that lack of screenwriting skills. There is nothing cinematic about the Madea films. But this. No I was cringing watching the trailer. I will definitely pass. I am past the age that I watch support stuff because is created by Blacks. If "Good Deeds" was written, directed, and starred a white actor who miscast himself for the lead role, would I see the film. A resounding no. I'm not going to do it because it's Tyler Perry.

    By the way I like low brow humor, Dodgeball -loved, but Adam Sandler's movies need to be put to death.

  • ANONYMOUS | December 14, 2011 10:03 PMReply


  • Orville | December 14, 2011 9:14 PMReply

    But what choice does Gabrielle Union have? Most high profile roles for women go to a white actress not a black actress. Also, Gabrielle is 38 years old and she's a black actress. I think people make it seem so easy but it is not. Maybe these black romantic comedies pay Gabrielle's bills and that's all she cares about? I don't see anyone giving black women quality work or challenging work these days. Even Halle Berry's got it bad she's starring in crap like New Years Eve and Dark Tide.

    Tyler Perry is not sexy I admit this, and I don't think he's that good an actor. I am not sure two beautiful women like Gabrielle or Thandie's characters would want Tyler Perry. But this is what

  • CareyCarey | December 14, 2011 11:44 PM

    Nawl U OF I Alum, you got me wrong. It's all about fairness. Look, ~ Fairness is man's ability to rise above his prejudices. And, the future which we hold in trust for our own children will be shaped by our fairness to others. Now read my comments one mo time. I'd bet if you read them there, you will find them fair. :-)

  • U of I Alum | December 14, 2011 11:25 PM

    CareyCarey: the Patron Saint of Black Mediocrity!

  • CareyCarey | December 14, 2011 10:21 PM

    Me thank you're a bit unfair to Gabrielle Union. I mean, bring a black actress to the table who is doing anything different than she??? Besides, I don't think she's crying in her sleep or standing in the cheese line. And it has absolutely nothing to do with being lazy. There's a thousand black chicks who would kill for her roles.

  • Orville | December 14, 2011 9:02 PMReply

    I like Tyler but even I have to admit, I think he is miscast BUT this is where power comes in. It is Tyler's movie so he can do whatever the hell he wants.

    I agree that Gabrielle Union is typecast she plays the same character over and over again and again. The only movie I ever saw which Gabrielle played against type was the 2005 indie film Neo Ned which Gaby won awards for. Unfortunately, a distributor did not pick up Neo Ned because it was a movie about a black woman thinking she was Hitler falling in love with a Neo Nazi. The storyline was just too controversial I guess.

    I like Thandie Newton but she's a black actress so she takes work where ever she can get it. People seem to think because Thandie is British she can pick and choose roles. You would think so but that is not the case. I also think Thandie must like Tyler's work because this is his second movie she's appeared in.

  • UrbanCineaste | December 14, 2011 8:05 PMReply

    I'm I the only one who thinks the trailer looks a lot like the 1989 french film Romuald and Juliette (Mama, There's a Man in Your Bed - American title).

  • sandra | December 14, 2011 6:59 PMReply

    Co-sign with those who feel an actual STRONG SEXY MALE lead would have helped this production greatly AND Gabrielle Union and co. are lazy/unlucky in their acting choices because black actresses haven't been challenged in a minute.

  • Akimbo | December 15, 2011 2:23 AM

    Sorry, Robin; Gabrielle Union is lazy as all get out. She had the opportunity to do something/be someone different in Cadillac Records and she played it the way she always does: very smirky, very contemporary, and very much like herself. She is charming, but she is a one-trick pony. LoveLOVED her in "Bring It On," until I realized that's all she can do.

  • robin | December 15, 2011 12:55 AM

    Once Again they aren't lazy!! it's not their damn fault that people aren't casting them in better roles!

  • Adam Scott Thompson | December 14, 2011 6:55 PMReply


  • Margo | December 14, 2011 5:37 PMReply

    This film looks decent, I am just shocked that he couldn't find a male actor to play this role. That doesn't make sense to me

  • CareyCarey | December 14, 2011 4:59 PMReply

    ALRIGHT NOW... i'M GONNA CUSS BECAUSE i FEEL SO DAMN GOOD! Tyler is bringing that good sh*t!!! OooooWeeee, Good Golly Miss Molly, he done jacked up his slacks and brought his "A" game. See, that's what I'm talking about, out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger. Yes sir, slap the devil and all praise to the man of the hour, TYLER PERRY! That boy is doing like it's 2099.

  • CareyCarey | December 15, 2011 3:17 PM

    Sarcasm? Well, not really Carlton. Listen, Jug beat me to it (above) but since I've had the unfortunate opportunity to watch every single film, play and the earliest bootlegs of Tyler Perry's productions (my lady loves them, collects them, and gives them away as gifts)so I am simply saying he has come a long way. And in doing so, many of his staunchest detractors are scrambling for new ways to attack his character and his products. That pleases me because first -- it slows their rolls and quiets their mouths -- as they fumble around to find new ways to throw rocks at another black man. So yeah, I was not being sarcastic, I am giddy with joy -- peeing on myself -- at the prospect of Mr Tyler Perry bringing us a new day, while the "love don't love nobody crowd" buries their heads in the sand with the rest of the SheHe-naynay -- never gonna give it up -- folks.

  • Carlton Jordan | December 15, 2011 11:51 AM

    I hope this is sarcasm.

  • CareyCarey | December 14, 2011 10:13 PM

    @ MANDLA, baby, sometimes I make myself laugh while other are calling me names :-). So I am jumping with joy that someone sees the humor in this thang we do. @ Jug, Yeah man, you know we've discussed FCG in the back lot, so I'm ALMOST there with you. I didn't want to like it (was forced to watch it with my lady) but once I moved away from my predispositions and LET myself enjoy the movie, I did. Don't get me wrong, was all the acting tight? NOPE. Was there gaps and hiccups in the transition from the poems to Tyler's writer? Yes there was. Nevertheless, I also saw a few great performances. Additionally, throughout the entire film I saw and heard numerous thought provoking messages. But I have to admit that his acting was a bit cardboard(ish) in Why Did I Get Married (too). And yes, Jill Scott( who I loved in #1 Detective on HBO) might have been the weakest link in that movie. But oddly enough, Janet Jackson surrounded her role. Hey, on a side note, I saw them both at last years Essence Music Festival. Janet still looked good and Jill can blow her ass off. Now, JUMPING DA DAMN BROOM? Nope! I couldn't make it to the end of that poorly acted and poorly written film. In short, based on this clip alone, Tyler didn't do a bad job and he may have picked the right man for the right job.

  • Mandla | December 14, 2011 9:06 PM

    OMG CareyCarey I cannot stop laughing. LMFAO two times.

  • Jug | December 14, 2011 6:39 PM

    I can't lie man. I ALMOST enjoyed FOR COLORED GIRLS. But those were story issues, not that it was a poorly done or acted film. But I always said, that his films without Madea were better. I enjoyed WHY DID I GET MARRIED (oddly enough 'cept Jill Scott who I love). And looking at that trailer, he's come way up. The story is pretty typical, but no more typical than HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, OBSESSED, JUMPING THE BROOM or one of those movies. Just stop with the ridiculousness that is insulting, funny or not, and I guarantee they'll be more & more naysayers that will go see his stuff (like I know they did a lot of the Rainforest stuff).

  • CareyCarey | December 14, 2011 6:30 PM

    Jug, how did you know? Man, I can't help myself, I'm tinkle winkling with delight *LOL* . How could I not be? I mean, you said it yourself "a definite growth of production values" and it looks like great entertainment. Now all the arm chair critics, naysayers and boo-boo birds are walking very lightly, which soothes my tired soul. :-)

  • Jug | December 14, 2011 5:13 PM

    Carey, man r we gonna have to get you an adult diaper LOL

  • Christian | December 14, 2011 4:25 PMReply

    can't say that it looks like a winner, but definitely glad he's trying to expand his audience. I'm sure only Ms. Newton's performance will keep me entertained.

  • n. | December 14, 2011 3:56 PMReply

    definitely looks like his most coherent film, but it still looks bland and predictable. for a tyler perry movie, it looks okay, but within the context of the rest of cinema: womp womp.

  • Clayton | December 14, 2011 3:27 PMReply

    Looks well made. Straight forward narrative. I like that. It does seem to be missing something. I think it isn't compelling enough, the concept, and from what little I saw of the trailer, I doubt whether it will exceed my expectations. But this just may be one of Tyler Perry's best films, in the vein of The Family that Preys as they are the rarity for him -- meaning not adapted from one of his plays.

  • Jug | December 14, 2011 3:05 PMReply

    Say what you will, this man Knows. His. Brand. And I'm noticing a definite growth of production values in his films. Pretty cool.

  • Colored | December 14, 2011 2:45 PMReply

    Not that bad. But I'm sure the haters will be with us in 3-2-1.

  • Bond girl | December 14, 2011 10:45 PM

    D&M and Carey are cracking me up! I will be there to give the brother my $25 for 2 tix. Trailer looks entertaining and better than the vomit -inducing, Jumping the Broom.

  • Darla & Mark | December 14, 2011 10:01 PM

    You know they coming, bashing Tyler is like an orgasm achieve.

  • CareyCarey | December 14, 2011 7:06 PM

    Bonjour Monsieur U de I alun, avez-vous sonné? Well, I see you answered the call of the #1 coon hunter... opps, I mean hater, but come on my friend, when are you going to let it lay? Besides, in order to support your opinion you used an awful lot of absolutes, and that just ain't right. Look what you said --->"And WE, within OUR community, continue to support and applaud them"... "and THEY get a regular pass in Hollywood--and from us"...And WE, and WE and WE are so starved to see images of ourselves onscreen". Come on U of I Alum, you're obviously a very intelligent man, but you're starting to sound like one of those little piggies who went wee wee wee all the way home :-). I mean, can Tyler Ever get any love from you?

  • U of I ALUM | December 14, 2011 6:30 PM

    COLORED, thanks for the introduction. Now, where do I start: Tyler can't act, and is as miscast in the role of an Ivy League grad as his Ms. Madea character would be with the job; his weak attempts at directing himself in a more challenging role than that to which he's accustomed not only shows, but also takes away -- he should've let a more experienced and capable actor do the job. The result would have been, among other things, a truer and thus more convincing sense of connection with the female co-stars; overall, he's simply not convincing ultimately. Thandie Newton--a great British actress--is clearly slumming here, and it, too, shows. Gabrielle Union, I think, is a lazy actress, never challenging herself to explore ranges beyond her usual typical/predictable self; she's pretty, innocuous, and directors like putting her in things, though they never require much from her (the directors or the roles). Therefore, she brings nothing new to anything in which she appears -- I call it "Regina King-Sanna Lathan-Taraji P. Henson-Jennifer Hudson,-etc.-Disease" (so many of our young Black actresses are afflicted with it, regardless of their numerous NAACP -- (or even Oscar) --nominations -- and they get a regular pass in Hollywood--and from us, when they do manage to secure roles, simply because the acting bar has been lowered so drastically for them; i.e., they're not expected to portray anything other than one dimensional "best friend" or "sassy and shallow black woman" roles (in many cases, not all, of course); and they are, in essence, provided no chance, as actresses ideally evolving in their craft, to embrace challenges -- full-bodied, multi-dimensional roles that would make them grow as performers. And we, within our community, continue to support and applaud them simply because we are so starved to see images of ourselves onscreen, mediocre or not -- "just throw us a little something occasionally that looks like us, to which we can relate," we argue. Back to TP and the Film: Tyler's "Good Deeds" story has been told many times before, in old B & W Hollywood and new -- "The Pursuit of Happyness (sic)" comes to mind -- but it is indeed a step up for Mr. Perry, from the coonery and buffoonery to which he has come to be known -- and lambasted on the S & A message boards (guilty!) by those who come here to be enlightened and encouraged about quality Black films, such as "Pariah" and "Kinyarwanda" -- both amazing, must-see films to which anything within Tyler Perry's now voluminous urban oeuvre cannot compare. From the looks of the Trailer, this may actually be some of Tyler Perry's best work (and his fans and supporters -- this means you, CareyCarey! -- should find it enjoyable despite its absence of his housedress-wearing alter ego); sadly, however, for a hack director of his caliber -- that ain't saying much!

  • Laura | December 14, 2011 2:44 PMReply

    I usually don't bash Tyler films. But for this film, I can't. I rather see his comedies.

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