Racial Taboo

The upcoming documentary Racial Taboo, a film to incite meaningful and honest conversation about "all things racial," is slated for a September release later this year - according to the film's Facebook page. 

Taboo, by Wave Communications, will screen this month at The International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro North Carolina. 

Here's a full synopsis:

An effective way to overcome racism is for more Black and White people to become friends, but how? We can’t even have meaningful conversation about racial issues. Why? To answer that, Racial Taboo looks at our history, uses comedy and candid interviews to help the audience gain a common understanding of our past and how it affects our present. Racial Taboo is intended to be a catalyst for open, respectful and ongoing conversations between people of different races.

Watch the trailer below:

Racial Taboo Trailer HD 720p from Wave Communications on Vimeo.