Art of Theatrical Ushery

I honestly can't think of another black film (indie or studio or otherwise) that's set in a movie theater, so this makes filmmaker Chris Banks' just-completed indie feature, The Art Of Theatrical Ushery, rather unique.

Banks describes the film as "a story of a vehement movie theater usher who battles insuborinate guests and his backstabbing weasel of a boss who wants desperately to fire him."

Banks is also currently trying to raise funds in order to complete some additonal post-production, marketing, and to finanically help out for planned film festival submissions and travels.

If you like what you see, why not help him out; here's the link to see his fundrasisng video, and to contribute to his IndieGoGo campaign: HERE.

The trailer for the film below:


The Art of Theatrical Ushery [Feature Film Trailer] from THE ART OF THEATRICAL USHERY on Vimeo.