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Trailers For Short Film "Brotherly Love" & Web Series "The One Percent" (Reader Submitted)

by Sergio
August 26, 2011 3:39 AM
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Here's is the trailer for intensely dramatic short film Brotherly Love by Brooklyn born actor and now L.A. based filmmaker, Choice Skinner, who's also a devoted S & A reader and regular commenter. No I won't reveal the name he posts his comments under, but be assured it's not CareyCarey.

The short, which Choice hopes will be accepted into the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in January, centers on what happens when three brothers deal with the shocking discovery that one of their brothers has killed someone, because of bullying he had been enduring from a local gang.

Watch the trailer below:

And if that wasn't enough, Choice is also currently putting on the finishing touches of a new web series he's created called The One Percent about three actresses clawing their way to the top in the harsh, cruel world known as show biz.

Here's the trailer for the upcoming series:

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  • unknown | August 27, 2011 4:04 AMReply

    "I am my brothers keeper" a phrase often uttered but rarely lived, has just taken on a new meaning, no, I take that back. In this trailer for the short, "Brotherly Love", we are shown what "I am my Brothers Keeper" is supposed to mean. In just 2+ minutes, the lessons given and the lessons learned are realized. Family problems is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, however it takes the powerful acting, of 3 very talented actors, and the imagination of writer, actor, and director, Choice Skinner to put it in our collective laps. The incredible work going on in this short is truly awesome, led by an actor named Farley Jackson is 'sick', I've seen him in other things, but no one thus far has been able to tap into that reserve like his director in this one. It won't be long now before someone 'discovers' him, and makes him an 'overnight success'. He has 3 things going for him, youth, great to look at, and what's the other, oh yeah, he can act. Good stuff, can't wait to see the finished product!

  • tonygerm | August 27, 2011 3:35 AMReply

    Choice is a true talent. This is a film not to be missed.

  • Gio | August 26, 2011 12:32 PMReply

    WOW, I'm freakin' speachless! I watched the trailer for 'Brotherly Love' twice and it is excellent. Sheldon Smith's acting is amazing! Good luck to Choice. I hope you make it into Sundance. Can't wait to see the whole short film. Again, WOW!

  • Laura | August 26, 2011 3:48 AMReply

    Yay yah!!!!!!!!

    Always love to see one of us tell our story.

    Congrats. Want to see more.

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