Well now... no comment from me; but you guys can have at it :)

Usher, who's apparently been hanging out in London lately, training for the part, has reportedly signed on to play boxer Sugar Ray Leonard in Hands of Stone, starring opposite Robert De Niro and Gael García Bernal in a story that centered on Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán.

As our friends over at The Playlist note,for you none-boxing affficinados, one of Duran's most famous fights was against the undefeated Sugar Ray Leonard, on June 20, 1980 - a great fight dubbed “The Brawl in Montreal.” And we know how that ended...

"I'm in preparation for a very incredible role... If you see me in the corners boxing, I'm doing that while working on this album," Usher told the BBC.

The film is scheduled to begin shooting later this year.