It’s hard to reduce Atlanta-based filmmaker Vandon Gibbs dramatic thriller Solace to a simple description. Suffice to say that it is, without question, quite original, with a plot that goes off in totally unexpected directions.

Written and directed by Gibbs, using three seemingly undated plotlines involving a black hustler, an adulterous politician and his suspicious wife, a nervous wreck of a lawyer, a hired hit man and his intended victim tied to a chair pleading for her life while trying to figure out why she’s there in the first place, Gibbs weaves a complex and corrupt world of treachery, lies and unsettling dread.

The film won the Jury Award for Best Drama at Cinequest in San Jose California, and was also screened at the Atlanta Film Festival, the New Orleans Film Festival, the Black Harvest Film Festival in Chicago, the Peachtree International Film Festival and the Bronze Lens Film Festival in Atlanta.

Now, starting on Tuesday Dec 10th, the film will be available for download or to buy through on iTunes (HERE). 

It’s definitely worth checking out.

Here's the trailer: