Vanessa Bell Calloway, Kiely Williams and Danny Trejo will star in Hollaback, a sequel to the 2007 urban slasher comedy Holla, written and to be directed H. M. Coakley (also responsible for the original).

The ensemble cast also includes Greg Cipes (Fast & Furious), Akeem Smith (VH1's Single Ladies), and relative newcomers Cyann Ribeiro, Laila Odom, Gabriela Dias and Melissa Paulo.

The sequel story "picks up where the original ended then fast-forwards to present day Louisiana where Williams’ character, trying to put the past behind her, has started a new life and is about to get married at a stately plantation house rumored to be haunted... Not long after settling into the plantation house, history repeats itself as members of the wedding party begin dying violently one by one," says the press release.

I haven't seen the first film, so none of that really means anything to me; but maybe you have. if so, share your thoughts.

Vanessa Bell Calloway plays Kiely William's "stern, officious mother," while Trejo plays "the mysterious property manager with a dark secret."

Cipes, Odom, Paulo and Smith are Williams' bandmates, and members of the wedding party mentioned in the story synop.

Comparisons to films like Scream and Prom Night abound, with financing coming from Cynthia Stafford's Queen Nefertari Productions (most of you will remember her name and company, as we've featured her on S&A several times), CICAP Entertainment Trust and Synergy Pictures.

Principal photography begins next week in Los Angeles with Lanre Idewu and Camille Irons Coakley producing.

Lionsgate Films acquired the first film in the franchise in 2007, and the filmmakers currently have a first look deal with the studio for this sequel.