Rich and the Ruthless

Actress Victoria Rowell is the latest celebrity to get on the Kickstarter bandwagon, launching a campaign for a soap opera spoof she’s developing.

Rowell hopes to raise $50,000 by Aug 28th to shoot a pilot for her soap opera satire, The Rich and The Ruthless, in which Rowell not only stars, but is also one of the writers.

The pilot will be directed by Carl Seaton (One Week), and, according to the description, will delve into “the soapalicous swirl but oh- so real, gritty reality of the soap opera biz; The world is filled with Executives, and Actors all doing WHATEVER it takes to keep the show on air, maintaining the excessive lifestyle THEY ALL have grown accustom to.

But reading the project's Kickstarter page, it’s pretty clear that Rowell understands how to use it to raise funds for a project. Unlike Spike Lee’s recent Kickstarter campaign, where it’s basically Give me money because I’m Spike, Rowell pitches the whole concept of the project, explains how the money will be used, and the production strategy behind the project.

We shall see if she’s successful.

To go to the Kicksarter page for her project go HERE.

Below is her video pitch.