BET Relive

The 2013 BET Awards celebration aired last night on the network, with Chris Tucker hosting, and, based on how active my Twitter feed was, I'd say that ratings for the show will be high (once I see the press release revealing the numbers). A lot of you tuned in, and, many of you who did seemed relatively impressed by this year's show. A few said it was the best BET Awards show ever! 

I caught glimpses of it, but didn't watch the whole thing, and so can't really comment on how great it was. I assume BET will re-broadcast the show at some point soon. 

But if you missed it (or you just want to relive some of its best moments - the performances - all over again), BET has made all 14 performances during last night's show available online, and I've embedded them all below, so click away and enjoy...