Anthony Mackie

Here’s your look at the rather riveting trailer for Dreamworks Pictures' The Fifth Estate, directed by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls, Twilight movies), a film about Julian Assange and the controversy involving WikiLeaks, which opens on October 18.

With Benedict Cumberbatch as Assange (who is also in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave, which opens that same day), the film co-stars Stanley Tucci, Dainel Bruhl, Laura Linney and, of course, our guy Anthony Mackie, who, you have to admit, is one very busy working actor with another four and possibly five movies that he will appear in this year and in 2014.

But once again, this brings up the question that we have brought up before - that is, can Mackie finally make the leap from supporting actor to leading man status? I’m not sure that he can. I’m still not convinced that he has the “weight” as I like to call it, to be a leading man.

But then again, as we have also brought up before, does he really even want to?

Mackie himself has said that he’s in no particular hurry to be the next big A-list star, and that he’s quite content to be in his “lane” so to speak. Why should he not be?  He’s doing extremely fine where is he right now.

And you have to admit there’s a lot less pressure being a solid, go to supporting actor than being an A-list leading man, with all the nerve racking career ups and downs and insecurities that it brings.

Want to bet that not what Johnny Depp is going through right now?