Here's something different from Issa Rae Productions

Since the phenomenal success of her web series, The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl (ABG) I don’t have to tell you that black web series productions have seen a significant increase, with everybody trying to grab onto the same brass ring.

And it was also only a matter of time before someone involved with ABG launched their very own web series.

The first episode of a new web series called Anansi, from Andrew Allan James, who played the role of “A” in Awkward Black Girl, has debuted.

James describes Anansi as a “supernatural drama utilizing Caribbean/African mythology, revolving around a young loner who struggles to fit in, despite a family curse unknowing of the creature he transforms into.

He adds further that his series will “explore themes of acceptance, alienation, purpose and self-discovery.

Watch episode 1 of Anansi below, titled Spiderling: