Black Girls Code

It’s taken almost a year, but as I said with the first episode (HERE), I dare not to be moved by this new episode for the inspirational web series Black Girls Code.

Directed by Shanice Malakai Johnson, the series focuses on the Black Girls Code movement created by Kimberly Bryant, which is an organization with the mission to “push forth the notion that, yes, little girls of color can code too. They can invent, build and create. They can move a nation and they can change the world.  Through workshops on coding, science and app building, Black Girls Code is creating a new set of pioneers."

The web series will concentrate on the lack of women (and men, too) of color in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), as well as the active role BGC has taken within the digital divide.

The first episode focused on the movement’s activities in the San Francisco Bay Area, where BGC is headquartered. But in Episode 2, we see how the movement has expanded its reach into the Miami/Dade County area (and, no doubt, one hopes soon to other cities as well).

Take a look at Episode 2: