I posted episode 1 of this web series in early December last year, and most of you seemed to dig it, despite some disagreements; so here's episode 2.

As a recap... from Outside the Block Entertainment comes a dramatic web/television series titled Eighty-Six, starring Francesca J. Gailes, Coley Mustafa Speaks, and Adam Starks.

The backstory:

When singing sensation TWEETY-LA (Cherub Moore) is found dead on the eve of signing a contract with a new label, ALEXANDER MAC (Starks), MAXINE CASEY (Gailes), and JAXON CASEY (Speaks) - the three-headed monstrosity forming Casey.Mac Entertainment - are suspected of her murder. As lies beget more lies, the empire of Casey.Mac begins to buckle under the pressure of the investigation and their own personal vices - jeopardizing everything they have worked for. The series also stars Blair Sharné as L.A.P.D. DETECTIVE MICHELLE FOURNIER who wants nothing more than to find the killer (or does she?) and David Hunter Jr. as Casey.Mac Entertainment’s main rival, ROMAN P. JONES.

Here's episode 2, with a synopsis that reads:

As Alex and Max take advantage of the situation, Jax tries to go back to business as normal.