No Strings, Please

As I recently stated last week in another post, many of these new black web series are becoming indistinguishable from each other.

Most of them seem to deal with the lives and loves of 20-something year olds, and they’re all starting to look alike (How about a series about relationships between 40-somethings or 50-somethings year olds? You know people who have lived a life?).

But I say that to state that the on-going web series, No Strings, Please, to its credit, is going for something different. It's a more quirky, oddball sort of series with a quirky, oddball sort of person at the center of it, named Charley Parker, as played by Naima Ramos-Chapman.

If I recall correctly, one commentator called a previous episode "offensive," which any filmmaker would be overjoyed about. I would rather make something that offended someone rather than have the person say "Hmmm yeah... It was all right. I guess."

So with that, here’s episode number 4 of No Strings Please.

The series is written and directed by Gemal Woods, and produced by Dawn L. Hall,  who says in this latest episode "Charley drifts off into a light nap in her cubicle at work during her break. She has a "comic book styled" daydream that ends abruptly. She then ventures off for the remainder of her lunch break to get some tea and to read a self help book. Along her journey of reading and sipping, she bumps into a very mysterious man."