The Art Of Theatrical Ushery

Long time readers of S & A might recall when, over 2 years ago, I wrote about the fundraising campaign for a recently completed comedy feature called "The Art Of Theatrical Ushery," by filmmaker Christopher Banks (HERE).

The film dealt with the daily trials and tribulations of being a movie usher (played by Banks) in a multiplex movie theater. From the trailer he provided, it looked like a pretty interesting and funny picture. 

So what happened to the film? Did it ever see the light of day?

Well, it turns out that Banks, who is a 2003 graduate of New York Film Academy, with an extensive lists of credits (including 2 dozen short films, reality TV shows such as "The Bachelorette," "The Preachers of L.A." and "America’s Next Top Model," did indeed compete the film. 

However, during test screenings, although the film played very well, he began to notice that something was lacking with the film; that it just wasn’t coming together the way he planned, and that some scenes simply played better with the audience than others.

So Banks went back to the cutting room and re-edited and retooled the film as a web series, which he feels is closer to his true intention. “Every minute, every second to make you laugh,” is his stated goal for it.

So now here is "The Art Of Theatrical Ushery" the web series, the first episode of which you can see below, with the second episode scheduled  to premiere this Sunday, June 8th, on its You Tube channel.

Here is episode 1: